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Video Seminars

Watch interview style videos of your favourite IIDM contributors outlining best practice on the latest business and leadership challenges.

The embedded videos on this page are extracts of full Video Seminars, click 'Full Video Seminar' to view each complete series.


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Video Seminar: Digital Transformation And The Role Of Customer Experience

Digital technology has dramatically sped up the pace of business innovation and created an...

Video Seminar: Accelerating Personal Productivity Under Pressure

In your current business climate, you will be under great stress to deliver more in less time with...

Video Seminar: Successful Leadership Using Human Instincts

A strange thing happened to Homo sapiens only 250 years ago; we changed habitat. Suddenly with the...

Video Seminar: Execution To Die For

Deciding what needs to be done is often the easy part of the job - the hard part is making it...

Video Seminar: Maximising Performance Through Motivation

If you have ever wondered how you can maximise the performance of your team or how to exactly...

Video Seminar: Workforce Strategic Planning

Considering that the people factor accounts for between 30-80% of the total cost of a business, and...

Video Seminar: Business Writing Best Practice

This video covers the principals of effective non-fiction writing. If you want to improve your...

Total 67 articles in this section.
Pages: Previous 1 . 2 . 3 . 4 . [5]
Total 67 articles in this section.
Pages: Previous 1 . 2 . 3 . 4 . [5]

Video Seminar: How To Fix Dysfunctional Teams

By Grevis Beard

Dysfunctional teams drive away top talent, damage morale and wellbeing, and cost businesses millions in reduced productivity. Many organisations have limited HR capacity, and managers are often taken by surprise when interpersonal issues and bad behaviour start to affect their team’s culture, reputation and output. Grevis Beard is co-author of a new book, Fix Your Team, which empowers leaders and managers to understand the common issues that can pull teams off track (such as lack of clarity, toxic personalities, or unhealthy competition), and understand how to fix them.

Video Seminar: Importance Of A Well-Designed Uniform

By Pamela Jabbour

We live in a society where the clothing you wear represents your values, beliefs and purpose and helps others identify with you. In business, effective branding can make you appear more approachable, professional and confident, and often make or break a sales opportunity. When considering whether or not to implement a uniform, it’s important to remember that your staff are mini billboards, whose job is to connect with your customers and tell the story of your brand.

Video Seminar: Setting Yourself Up For Success

By Lisa Stephenson

By the time we are established in our career and have built a version of success, we are mostly habitual in how we perform, think and behave. Let’s explore the thought provokers that will challenge what you need to do and plan in terms of what’s next. Success is personal and requires work. Most high performers want more! To be healthier, wealthier, smarter… So what do the most successful CEOs, entrepreneurs, elite athletes and leaders around the world do, to be the very best version of themselves? They are prepared to do what others aren’t and here we will talk about the strategies that work. You will also learn why motivation is not relevant. In my experience as a success coach, people are highly motivated at times, but when that passes they are stuck in the busy, and the delivery of doing what needs to be done for their people and to get results.

Video Seminar: The 25 Minute Meeting

By Donna McGeorge

Meetings are the defacto way of doing business, but too often they do nothing more than eat up our days and waste our resources. This does not need to be the case, and with a few simple changes to how you approach meetings, you can get back valuable time in your day and improve the impact of every meeting you attend.

Video Seminar: How To Lead Like A Coach

By Karen Morley

Leaders who coach double their engagement scores. Their teams willingly work harder and get twice as much done. Both leaders and teams are happier and more satisfied. Leaders are under pressure to produce results at a faster pace, with fewer resources, and less certainty. Most leaders respond by adopting a command-and-control style. They don’t delegate enough, they overwork, and end up feeling overburdened. Teams disengage from leaders who control. Instead of producing more, they produce less, feel discouraged, and are more likely to burnout. When leaders coach, they cultivate trust with their people by supporting and developing them. They readily delegate work and responsibility. They do what they can to equip team members.

Video Seminar: Ask More. Tell Less. Lead Fearlessly.

By Corrinne Armour

Leaders today face challenges of low staff engagement and inconsistent results with people not following through on commitments. Leadership bench-strength is lacking. It is hard work as a leader feeling that you need to have all the answers and remain in control. Working harder is not the answer. When we tell people what to do, they may listen, but they are unlikely to commit to action and are even less likely to remember. When we ask great questions that lead to insight, an emotional component is triggered in the brain that leads to commitment and accountability. Leaders who ask uses these strategies, and more, to connect deeply, lead fearlessly and achieve results that transform.

Video Seminar: Outside-In Downside-Up Leadership

By Jason T. Smith

For more than a decade, Jason T. Smith had led his business with a traditional vertical organisational structure that mostly worked – up to a point, anyway. But something changed. He set an unreasonable goal that couldn’t be achieved through the status quo. The organisational model lacked the critical design attributes needed to unleash its innovative potential. It seemed like the team had just stopped working. Fast-forward two years later, after weeks of intentional learning, planning, testing and probing, they found the sweet spot between collaboration and peer accountability. They discovered an authentic and scalable way to give each team member the freedom to do what they love and excel at it. They started working from the outside-in, turning former norms and systems downside-up. The result was a workplace revolution. They achieved their overriding strategic target of 7/50/100: a brand presence in 7 states or territories, generating revenues of close to $50 million in annual client services, in over 100 locations. The colleagues leading the organisation work together in their new found structure they call ONEteam™.

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