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With comments like these, we are sure you will discover some of the benefits of the IIDM website...

Between the Learning Modules and the Audio Seminars, I have learned a lot ... the insights have been of wonderful help to what I already have. Many of the ideas, more than anything, have re-inforced much of what I had already learned, and it really helps to read and hear these people validate instincts I had. Judging from some of the management examples I see here (where I work), I am getting more benefit from your site than they got in three or four years at university. Your website is AWESOME! - Christian  

It's great to receive your CEO News articles which are very informative and helpful - particularly in these unique economic times. It truly helps those of us who need valuable insights and different perspectives on how to cope / deal with the challenging times / conditions economically - professionally, financially, mentally and emotionally. I very much enjoy reading. - Angelica

Your web site is great. Professional, helpful, easy to navigate. Best wishes for your continued success. - Dr Alan Zimmerman

I just received my email notice for the newsletter. I have been trapped on the site for 2 hours!! It has so much great information. I have been forwarding items to some of my clients and telling them to sign up immediately. Business people, sales people and anyone working will benefit enormously from all this information. -  Catherine Gunn

I really appreciate the services provided by IIDM [CEO Online] as it has been providing me with a very complete range of business resources that will prepare me for my entrepreneurial journey. - Chean Ming Tan

I am finding your website excellent and really enjoy the case studies presented. - Lisa de Mello

Comments we've received from listeners to the IIDM Audio Seminar Series ...

Thank you for an excellent speaker this month. Apart from the fact that I am passionate about 'how to be real leaders'; authenticity and congruency, Steven [Bowman] spoke well and with utter conviction on his topic ... Sandra

The audios are good - able to listen in my own time. Good topic - very relevant to today's managers ... LeAnne

Impressive. Excellent - Steven [Howard] really knows his subject for today. A great help ... Colin

I find the variety and depth of information provided by your expert presenters very helpful in the development of my business knowledge. I am always looking forward to the next month's audio seminar ... Ken

This was my first audio seminar with IIDM, and I really enjoyed it. Very good seminar and very relevant to our business. I look forward to future seminars ... Vickie   

Comments we've received through our annual member survey ...

Connect-in with relevant current trends for CEOs.

Useful but succinct information on critical issues for senior management.

There are updates everywhere and it becomes difficult to get aligned with what really matters - that's where CEO Online comes and helps.

Provides thought-provoking content and challenges thinking.

Provides solid information for all sizes of business.

Presents the latest in business views and promotes dialogue on important matters facing most companies.

Relevant insights that keep you focussed.

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