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How IIDM CPD Works

IIDM CPD provides an informal learning pathway through IIDM Knowledge Units. IIDM Knowledge Units focus on topics common to most business people and brings together a variety of resources, in various formats, from content published on the IIDM website.

IIDM's content has been carefully curated over the last 20+ years, from contributors around the world that are experts in their field, and presented in a practical style, that provides actionable, step-by-step solutions. Many of our resources are available exclusively to our members - you won't find them elsewhere on the web.

"I find the variety and depth of information provided by your expert presenters very helpful in the development of my business knowledge."

With IIDM CPD, you gain easy access to business best-practice that will give you the edge - no matter what industry you're in, or what your current role is. As one of our members put it - "Business people, salespeople and anyone working will benefit enormously from the information on your site."

IIDM continuous professional development (CPD)

  1. What’s your current challenge? - Select an IIDM Knowledge Unit that addresses your issue, or select a topic you have an interest in.

  2. Sign up for Learning Guides - Simply enter your name and email address and we’ll send you weekly email alerts, each one highlighting different resources to focus on for that week. Most Learning Guides run for about four weeks.

  3. Commit to your own success! - Each week, dedicate time to complete each of the resources - mark it in your calendar and don’t allow other priorities to crowd it out of your schedule. After all - investing in yourself is the best investment you can make!

  4. Record your learnings - Once you've completed the IIDM Knowledge Unit, click on the Submit CPD Report button at the end and complete the 'Self-Assessment / IIDM CPD Reporting' survey. Record your key learnings from each resource and the number of CPD Hours submit.

    IMPORTANT: Remember to login first, or your CPD reports won't connect to your account and you will not be able to access the completed reports afterwards.

  5. Track your progress - Your completed 'Self-Assessment / IIDM CPD Reporting' surveys can be accessed via My Profile (found in the top right hand side of the website) at any time, providing you with a running list of the professional skills you've developed.

  6. Keep it regular, manageable and ACTIONABLE - Each month, select a new IIDM Knowledge Unit to complete, gradually building your business knowledge. Activaly look for ways to implement your new learning in your current role to embed the skill.

  7. IIDM CPD - Statement of AttainmentBoost your CV - Looking to move up the corporate ladder? Request a 'Statement of Attainment' (issued on a quarterly basis) that denotes the IIDM Knowledge Units that have been completed and number of CPD Hours engaged in over the previous period.

  8. Use IIDM's post nominal - As you are engaged in regular CPD, you have the right to use the post nominal commensurate with your level of management experience:

    • MIIDM - for those with less than 5 years' management experience; or

    • FIIDM - for those with more than 5 years' management experience.

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