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So you've got the basics under wraps, and now you're turning your focus towards business growth - how do you do it? Do your business and strategic plans hold up to scruity or are they stuck in a drawer? How will you manage change so that all your staff are on board? How can you generate new ideas that will be profitable? In this Expert Talk section, discover hundreds of articles about Growing Your Business.

Recent Growing Your Business Articles

Building Your Credibility

by Aubrey Warren

It is sad that the usually well-intentioned efforts of hardworking people is so easily discounted, mistrusted or ignored. But it does highlight a reality about contemporary communication - we trust what we see much more than what we hear.

Encouraging Progress In A Changing Workplace

By Ken Warren

A friend of mine was recently part of an organisational restructure that involved painful redundancies, changed responsibilities, and completely different ways of working. As you can imagine, the scale of the changes were quite significant. But having survived the redundancies, they decided to make the best of it.

Managing A Demerger

By Bruce Nixon

While most headlines regarding demergers focus on the financial implications, such as impact on shareholders, the element that is equally important is the operational aspects of how an entity splits itself.

The Power Of Positive Emotions

By Kevin Eikenberry

There is always an emotional component to change, and personal experience will tell anyone this is true. There have been changes in your life you were excited about, and those where your emotions were less positive. Yet generally speaking, organisations act as if the data and facts will rule the day with any change.


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