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Engaging In Direct Marketing

Direct marketing is presenting your offer with a strong message, to a selected audience, with the aim of attracting a response. What are the ingredients to a successful direct marketing campaign?
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Building Email Lists Ethically

By Ingrid Cliff

In the past few years all the attention has been turned on social media as a marketing channel. Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Periscope and other social media have gained the lion's share of small business time and attention. Why? Because that's where potential customers hang out.

Is The Glimpse Factor Stalling Your Emails?

by Kendra Lee

In just three seconds, your prospects make a choice: read or delete. Remember the glimpse factor as you compose your messages, and you'll see both your response rates and your new sales pick up steam in no time.

Seven Key Components Of Email Marketing: A Checklist

by Josh Levine

Email still rules when it comes to building valuable customer relationships: It’s direct, it lets you showcase brand and product messages, and it drives immediate calls to action. Yet many companies still get it wrong.

A Universal Guide To Effective Direct Mail Campaigns

by Daniel Bernal

The following is a step-by-step guide to developing a direct mail marketing strategy using what you already know ... but this time, it's "battlefield style".

5 Steps To e-Newsletter Mastery

by September Danforth

What is good email design? And how can you hone it to heighten the payoff of your email marketing investment over time?

How To Create Compelling Newsletter Campaigns

by September Danforth

This article discusses the basic - and ever so easy - steps to create a compelling and professional looking newsletter that your customers will want to read.

Seven Principles Of Direct Marketing

by Frank Chamberlin

These seven principles of direct marketing (DM) are the result of expansive and careful research. Use them to get the most out of your DM efforts.

How To Write Direct Mail That Will Get Results

by Chuck Sink

Cover letters and emails help put into context, and make relevant, appointment requests from direct marketers and salespeople - if written properly.

Email Campaigns That 'Trigger' Success

by Frank Chamberlin

Marketing effectiveness - and a great customer experience - is often a matter of timing. In the perfect world, we'd all communicate with customers at just the right moment. "Trigger" campaigns are one way of working towards this ideal.

Six Tips For A Successful Direct-Mail Campaign

by Elizabeth Gordon

To develop a successful direct-mail campaign, you now need serious smarts and meticulous planning more than ever. Use these tips and your next direct-mail campaign is sure to bring sales.

The Lost Art Of Letter Writing

by Ingrid Cliff

A few years ago, all the marketing statistics leaned towards email as the most potent form of marketing. Now they are tending to head the other way. Email marketing is still strong, but we are seeing a resurgence of direct mail as a way of communicating (and selling).

Email Metrics: Truths You Need To Know

by Frank Chamberlin

If you are doing email marketing, hopefully you are alert to the tricks associated with email metrics.

The Realities Of e-Mail Marketing

by Malcolm Auld

The real reason most of the e-mail messages filling in-boxes around the world don't get read, lies with the people who write them.

Getting Direct Marketing Fundamentals Right

What we are doing when direct marketing (DM), is presenting an offer with a strong message, to a selected audience, with the aim of attracting a response.

Taking The Direct Approach

by Jane Toohey

If I were to spend this article talking only about Consecotaleophobia I'd probably lose your interest. After all, you're reading this article to help you be the best businessperson you can be... not to find a cure for your acute fear of chopsticks! Direct Marketing (DM) is a little like that. It's about thoroughly defining your target market, speaking to them appropriately and measuring their response.

Total 31 articles in this section.
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