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Stay up to date offline when you purchase the popular IIDM Audio Seminar Series selected Business Books or Book Summaries.

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Business Book Extract: Add Value

Add Value

Author: Mark Carter

Achieve impact, fulfillment and legacy by integrating your values across all aspects of your life.

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Business Directory

A directory of service providers and links to service-oriented web sites that can help you do better in business. The list includes consultants, advisors, service providers, professional organisations... and many more.

Purchase Audio Seminars

Purchase Audio Seminars

The International Institute of Directors and Managers audio seminar series presents leading business specialists who share their insight into critical business topics. Listen to the interview-style audio seminars at home, in your car or at your desk. Develop your own library of latest thinking in Business Management.

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Business Books

IIDM has short-listed top-selling business books. Reading just one of...

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The International Institute of Directors and Managers audio seminar series...

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