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Are you steering your ship in the right direction? How do you get team members on board with your vision? And what makes a good leader anyway? It's not only important to develop your own leadership skills, but also to bring up the next level of leaders from within your team - or do you hire externally? In this Case Studies section, discover real-life examples of successes - and failures - in Leadership.
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How To Transfer Your Skills To A New Industry

Peter Franzman has worked across a range of industries throughout his time. To list but a few, he's worked in electrical engineering, media and advertising, telecommunications, banking and automotive. He's also contributed his consulting expertise to many other fields. He's now CEO of FTS Resolve, a growing Melbourne-based company that provides an end-to-end service for telecommunications and electrical infrastructure projects.

Sharing Expertise In A Young Industry - In A Way That's Beneficial To You

The members of the games marketing industry share several challenges.

Separating Your Company Across Two Sites

Recently, Rollie Nation, the Australian shoe brand with a global cult following recently reached an exciting milestone - it outgrew its original site. Founder Vince Lebon was faced with a difficult decision: find a new location with space for both a warehouse and office, or separate the two.

How To Be An Effective Working Manager

It's important to have an open-door policy when it comes to team communication. You want to be a leader that's approachable and encourage collaborative problem solving. But how do you do this effectively without disrupting one's own productivity? Below, Mike Barouche, General Manager (Partnerships, Administration and Operations) from Australian Hotels Association (Victoria), explains his views on this common conundrum.

How To Re-ignite Passion And Bring A Team To Life

After 8 years in business, the founders of digital consultancy Thirst Studios started to question their next move. Ben Tollady and Andrew Gunstone found themselves asking: What is our passion? Is continuing on with the consultancy something we really want to do?

How To Lead A Team As A Remote Worker

Managing a team poses challenges even when everyone's in the same office. So how can a Managing Director lead an entire team from a remote office? Adam Griffith manages to do just that. He's Managing Director of Get Started, a digital agency based in Melbourne, and he does it all from his home office over 300km away in Wodonga.

How To Successfully Manage A Remote Team

Sarah Riegelhuth is the founder and CEO of Wealth Enhancers, a growing business that offers financial advice to the Gen-Y market. As part of her lead role, she is responsible for managing and expanding a team of remote employees.

Maintaining Company Culture

Like many businesses, maintaining company culture is a priority for OneShift and its CEO Gen George. "Having the right people in the company makes or breaks a business," she says. "It doesn't matter how good your product is, or your marketing campaign is. Unless you have the right team behind you making it happen, the whole business will fall to pieces."

Web Of Connection

With employees spread across 6,000kms and four time zones, communication and corporate culture building have been essential tasks for a listed environmental business leader.

Take A Chance On Me

Biotech start-ups with innovative products or processes are notoriously difficult to fund and gain market acceptance. That's when self-belief and absolute perseverance can pay off.

Keeping The Dream Alive

Leaving a mainstream career in public relations behind to work with Aboriginal communities took passion, a vision - and some hard lessons in business.

Green With Success

A business owner initially resented the environmental costs he feared would add to the expense of building a new factory. Now the business is profiting in many ways because he became a Green convert.

Show Time!

Working with comics, actors, singers and other performers requires the same managerial skills as working with "ordinary" staff: they want to be loved, appreciated, pampered and paid well.

Renovator's Delight

Changing the culture at a 40-year-old not-for-profit housing service meant changing the whole organisational structure.

All Change

An Australian manufacturer that started business making car tools in the 1920s is still thriving - but not in that field.

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