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Managing People

Staff are the lifeblood of any business - if they're not performing at their best it can dramatically affect your bottom-line. How do you encourage employee engagement and reduce staff turnover? Do you know how to manage a Gen Y, Gen X or Baby Boomer? How can to maximise your team's effectiveness? In this Case Studies section, discover real-life examples of successes - and failures - in Managing People.
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How To Find Passionate Employees

Nick Bell is the founder and CEO of the WME group of companies. Collectively, the companies turn over in excess of AUD$55 million each year.

How To Look Beyond Departments And Work As A Single Team

In the last twelve months, Keypath Education Australia has grown from a sole employee - Managing Director Ryan O’Hare - to a team of approximately 30. This number is anticipated to double again in the coming year.

Building And Leveraging An Advisory Board

Suzi Dafnis, CEO of the Australian Businesswomen’s Network (ABN), acknowledges it can be a huge challenge for small business owners to find the right team. If you’re working within a budget, you often can’t afford to hire key professionals to work full-time.

Culture Of Success

One of Australia’s fastest-growing infrastructure services companies finds and keeps good people by stoking morale and providing plenty of juicy incentives.

Patient Planning

A busy medical practice has improved the customer experience by creating a team spirit that includes everyone from the front of house to the back office.

Sugar-Coated Service

Giving an aging retail chain a complete makeover has called on all the career skills of one young manager. A key task has been to create great staff.

Duty Of Care

Making a hospital an award-winning, employer of choice takes attention to detail and policies that embrace everyone from the doctors to the cleaners.

Happy To Be Here

Rapid growth is what every entrepreneur wants, but Damien Honan found that managing success can be as tricky as achieving it.

A Gas Place To Work

In a tight employment market, a gas distribution business has kept turnover among typically transient staff to 5% a year using incentives that keep everyone chasing the same goals.

The Right Aroma

A successful food service franchise knows that its growth requires well-trained, highly motivated franchisees - and that takes effort and consultation.

Teacher's Pet Project

When a former teacher - and now successful construction business boss - faced a shortage of good staff, he decided to start his own school.

It's Your People, Stupid

What makes one company an export award-winner and international success? Good products, of course. But great staff members actually make it happen.

A Vintage Crop Of Employees

When the attitude and turnover rate of casual staff became a problem, a Victorian winery decided to invest in training.

Winning Teams Are Made Up Of Winners

A powerful, well-motivated and happy staff have made Clayton’s Kitchens an award-winner.

Right Staff Mix Is Baker's Secret Recipe

Thursday 30 November 2000

By hiring, training, and motivating good staff, the Beechworth Bakery gets results – without paying above-award wages.

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