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You're sure to find one of our on-demand resources to meet your continuous professional development requirements in e-Learning, incorporating audio, visual and text based information. Build your business knowledge further with these great resources.

Choose from a growing list of Learning Modules, listen to over 30 business titles in the Audio Seminar Library or pick up great ideas and best practice when you read Business Book Extracts written by popular contributors to our Expert Talk section.

Featured E-Learning Content

Business Book Extract: Seven Stories Every Salesperson Must Tell

How do the best salespeople connect, influence and persuade? With stories. READ MORE

Business Book Extract: Leadership Hacks

Leadership Hacks is the smart leader's guide for achieving more in less time. As the evolving business environment leaves many leaders... READ MORE

Business Book Extract: The 25 Minute Meeting

Sharpen your focus and tighten your time frames to get more done in less time. READ MORE

Business Book Extract: The Long-Distance Leader

The principles of leadership haven’t changed - they are principles. They're timeless and true regardless of where you and your people are. READ MORE


Top CEO Issues

Top CEO Issues | CEO considerations

Managing people

Here's a snapshot of some of the key points discussed on this topic by CEOs and business leaders:

  • Recruitment | Best recruiting techniques to find the right people | Use and benefits of psychological assessments in recruitment | Difficulty of measuring attributes like motivation and aptitude
  • Staff issues | Optimal incentive structures | Determining how to let a staff member buy into the business | Impact of greater flexibility in the workplace - dress, flexible hours, headphones | Dealing with high burnout rate amongst employees | Preparation, management and dealing with disputes | Diversity and dealing with behaviour complaints | Dealing with issues quickly as procrastinating only makes things worse | Changing long service leave provisions requires careful management | Culture of rostered days off
  • Wellbeing | Personal motivation - why am I doing this? | Leaders who are too busy 'doing' and not focusing on their own wellbeing can create serious consequences for themselves, their team, the business and their families | Health in the workplace | Benefits of meditation

e-Learning Sections

Top CEO Issues

Top CEO Issues features a snapshot of the Top Issues discussed by CEOs and...

Business Book Extracts

Read extracts from top business books written by IIDM's network of...

Learning Modules

Expand your leadership skills with these practical and easy-to-apply...

Video Seminars

Watch interview style videos of your favourite IIDM contributors outlining...

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