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You're sure to find one of our on-demand resources to meet your continuous professional development requirements in e-Learning, incorporating audio, visual and text based information. Build your business knowledge further with these great resources.

Choose from a growing list of Learning Modules, listen to over 30 business titles in the Audio Seminar Library or pick up great ideas and best practice when you read Business Book Extracts written by popular contributors to our Expert Talk section.

Featured E-Learning Content

Business Book Extract: Service Habits

We all want more connection, meaning and ease in our day-to-day lives - less drama and fewer obstacles. Employees want employers to serve them with... READ MORE

Business Book Extract: Quietly Powerful

In the uncertain, changing, globally interconnected world, the 'alpha' or 'hero' leadership style is becoming outdated and inadequate. Quieter... READ MORE

Business Book Extract: Digital Is Everyone's Business

Marketplaces continue to change. The demands on your business are unprecedented: the volume of work is ever growing, complexity is increasing and... READ MORE

Business Book Extract: MatchFit

MatchFit is the complete guide to getting your body and brain in the best possible shape for work, and for life. This inspiring book is the... READ MORE


Top CEO Issues

Top CEO Issues | CEO considerations

Taking care of business

Here's a snapshot of some of the key points discussed on this topic by CEOs and business leaders:

  • Leadership | The importance of leaders focussing on self (wellbeing and communication skills) | Benefits of spending time with frontline staff - learning about the challenges staff face; identifying opportunities for greater efficiencies; engaging directly with clients | Storytelling
  • Management issues | Importance of preparation - goes a long way to achieving desired outcome; finding common ground for negotiations | Changing operating models to a subscription-based approach | Intangible assets - driving success and failure | A framework for managing and monitoring behaviours | Pros and cons of offshoring and onshoring | Rapidly escalating business insurance and liability costs
  • Financial management | Purpose and profit - core duties under threat; convergence of social and regulatory forces; profit an overlay or underpinning force? | Difficulty in meeting high year-on-year growth targets - better to aim for more conservative target overlaid with a stretch target | Underpayment of wages and causes - how to protect; Board involvement
  • Crisis management | Foreseeing black swan events and preparing for them | Impact of Coronavirus - disrupting supply chains from China; raw materials supply at risk; possible opportunities | Corporate governance to cover climate change impact and now Coronavirus

e-Learning Sections

Top CEO Issues

Top CEO Issues features a snapshot of the Top Issues discussed by CEOs and...

Business Book Extracts

Read extracts from top business books written by IIDM's network of...

Learning Modules

Expand your leadership skills with these practical and easy-to-apply...

Video Seminars

Watch interview style videos of your favourite IIDM contributors outlining...

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