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The Future Of Service Is 5D

Thursday 11 April, 2024
by Jaquie Scammell
With the ongoing disruption from AI and automation, it’s easy to assume that machines will replace humans in almost every field. Service industries are rushing to digitise for efficiency, yet they’re compromising what once set them apart: the act of service by a human. But what if, rather from making humans obsolete, the digital era brings opportunities for a more dynamic form of service than we’ve ever seen?

Business Book Extract: The Future of Service is 5D

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In the new book, The Future of Service is 5D: Why Humans Serve Best in the Digital Era customer service expert Jaquie Scammell unpacks a best-practice guide to what good service means in an increasingly digital and interconnected world.

An eminent voice for service leadership and customer service mastery, Jaquie has tackled the hard question of what the service needs to look like in the digital age. She argues that 5D service is a new paradigm that brings the quintessential human qualities of service back into the limelight. By integrating 5 dimensions - physical, cognitive, emotional, social and spiritual - into a human service approach,

Jaquie equips readers with a new service framework that leverages the strengths of both humans and technology to thrive in the digital era. Filled with actionable tools and examples, The Future of Service is 5D is a must-read for every aspiring and current service leader looking to reclaim the human aspect of service.


About the author

Jaquie Scammell is Australia’s leading expert in Customer Service, a sought-out speaker, author, Founder and CEO of ServiceQ, helping organisations reimagine the future of service through mindsets and behaviours. Her work is based not just on theory but also 35 years of customer service experience translated to practical tools for individuals to take and apply. She is the author of Service Mindsets and multi award-winning Service Habits 2nd Edition, and a regular blogger and media commentator. Learn more,

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