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What are the basics of business? What do you need to get your new business up and running smoothly? The Business Basics category throughout the IIDM website addresses these questions and more, and provides you with the framework to getting your business off on the right foot. In this Expert Talk section, discover hundreds of articles about Business Basics.

Recent Business Basics Articles

Breaking Down Silos At Work

By Ingrid Cliff

Workplace silos are some of the greatest blocks to customer satisfaction with a business. There’s increasing complexity in the ways customers engage with a business: Social media, email, online forms, phone, face-to-face, review sites, retail stores, forums, blogs, online chat and a whole raft of others.

Be A Communications Rock Star

By Ingrid Cliff

We have all been on the receiving end of poor communication, yet we all like to think that we are brilliant communicators. Even the best of us do not always use the most effective communication.

Why People Resist Change

By Ken Warren

There is no doubt that there is an extraordinary amount of change taking place in many workplaces today. Restructures, redundancies, major changes from head office or funding bodies, and new ways of working with technology, are just a few examples.

Measuring Sales Success With KPIs

By Colleen Francis

Too often when looking at a sales team's success, managers only look at the actual sales (the closing of the business). Of course, this is important - but the sale is a lagging indicator. If you have no sales closing today, it indicates that your team has not been performing well for months. By the time you're at the point of no business, you're already well into trouble. In fact, you are at the point of no return.


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