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Managing The Sales Team

How can you effectively develop and motivate your sales team to achieve great results? What are the attributes and key drivers of top sales performers?
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A Fresh Approach To Leading Today's Sales Teams

By Anna Glynn

In today's ever-evolving landscape, we're confronted with unprecedented challenges that demand a fresh perspective. From persistent disengagement to dynamic market shifts, sales leaders are navigating an environment that is fraught with complexities like never before. The weight on their shoulders is palpable, as the success and sustainability of their organisations can hinge on their decisions and actions.

Are Salespeople At Risk Of Becoming Obsolete?

By Sue Barrett

The proliferation of internet-based sales channels, that offer everything from simple items such as a toothbrush to some fairly complicated services including insurance, banking and even major items in the B2B sector means that the traditional role of product focused salespeople has changed. Sadly, some companies and quite a few salespeople continue to ignore the encroaching tsunami.

Eight Must-have Qualities For Achieving Sales Success

By Paul Cherry

What's the secret for achieving sales success? Based on interviews with 400 highly-experienced business-to-business sales professionals, there are eight qualities leaders need to look for in coaching a current sales representative or hiring a new candidate, to achieve maximum sales results.

Measuring Sales Success With KPIs

By Colleen Francis

Too often when looking at a sales team's success, managers only look at the actual sales (the closing of the business). Of course, this is important - but the sale is a lagging indicator. If you have no sales closing today, it indicates that your team has not been performing well for months. By the time you're at the point of no business, you're already well into trouble. In fact, you are at the point of no return.

Converting Dysfunctional Sales Teams To High Impact Sellers

by Colleen Francis

Dysfunction: the word comes up in conversation every day, usually in relation to crazy families, nutty reality show contestants, and all-around gossip. But what happens when the word dysfunction can be applied to your sales team?

1-Minute Praise To Modify Sales Behaviour

by Jim Domanski

How often do you give positive coaching praise to your telephone representatives? 100% pure praise with no ‘buts' attached? Next question: what is the ratio of purely positive feedback to 'constructive feedback?' If you're like most managers the overwhelming majority of coaching feedback is constructive in nature. Not that this is necessarily bad but it does reflect an attitude and approach that can wear thin.

How To Manage Your Sales Manager

by Mike Brooks

As a business owner or CEO, I know you place a lot of responsibility on your sales manager. When you add up all the duties and responsibilities of your sales manager, it can seem overwhelming and begs the question of you as the leader - how do you manage your manager to drive sales?

Putting The Process Back Into The Sales Process

by Daniel Lock

The sales process - regardless of business type - is the heart of a business. Improve it, and you improve the company. But for some reason, many businesses believe sales to be an 'art', and therefore the significant knowledge base of process improvement best-practice can't be applied. Big mistake ...

7 Key Components Of An Effective Sales Talent Screening Program

by Lee Salz

Candidate screening is one of the most difficult tasks that sales managers face, as salespeople are trained in the art of persuasion. However it is possible to successfully screen sales talent. Here are the 7 key components of an effective sales talent screening program.

The 3 Keys To Successful Sales Management

by Mike Brooks

If you concentrate on these three keys in Sales Management and actually make it a priority to implement them, your job will get so much easier, and, more importantly, you and your team will actually start closing more business and making their numbers.

Building The Most Effective Sales Force In The World: The Era Post The Global Financial Crisis

by Adele Crane

Because of its emotional component, the sales organization is often vulnerable to faddish, silver bullet solutions—claiming that all you need is this new incentive plan or organizational structure.

Well-Known 'Secrets'

by Lee J. Colan

With all the forces of change in today's world of work, the basic principles for leading winning teams remains unchanged.

16 Excuses Sales People Need To Stop Using

by Kelley Robertson

Sales people make a number of excuses why they can't reach their sales targets or why prospects and customer don't buy.

Retention Is A Problem That Won't Go Away

by John Boe

What are the critical factors that contribute to the retention of top producing salespeople? Why are some sales managers able to consistently recruit and retain quality salespeople, while other managers have a revolving door?

Sales Is A Team Effort

by Sue Barrett

Sales numbers and sales processes should be understood and owned by everybody in your organisation. In today's world if you are not directly in sales you are supporting someone who is. This is why sales really is a team effort.

Total 86 articles in this section.
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