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Increasing Customer Satisfaction

Business success can be determined by the ability to nurture a strong relationship with your customers. CRM and customer service tips are some of the tools at your disposal to create loyal customers.
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10 Proven Ways To Lose Customers

By Michael Bergdahl

Isn’t it ironic that it takes years to build a great customer relationship but only moments to tear one apart! The good news is that each of the ten service points covered below can be turned around to help you retain your customer relationships, and make them even stronger. By reviewing these examples with your entire staff, you are guaranteed to improve your customers’ satisfaction!

Are We There Yet? The Psychology Of Waiting

By Ingrid Cliff

If your clients have to wait for you at any stage of your process - whether on the phone, or for an appointment, or to deliver a stage of their project - you need to be aware of the perceived waiting time problem. What seems short to you may be perceived as long for them.

3 Tips For Creating A Memorable Sales Experience

by Colleen Francis

For a buyer, the term 'sales process' can conjure up some unpleasant feelings. I often get questions from business owners and sales leaders about how their teams can combat the issue and make the sales experience enjoyable and memorable from the client's perspective. This is because creating a positive experience for your buyer during and after the sales process can pay big dividends.

Delivering A Positive B2B Customer Experience

by Michael Haynes

Today's business environment is characterised by tough economic conditions, increased competition and more informed and demanding customers. As a result, all businesses need to raise the bar with respect to the customer experience they provide in order to stay competititive.

Managing Customer Expectations

by Barry Urquhart

Every prospective or existing customer that arrives at the premises, on the telephone, or online does so with expectations. These are influenced by a number of factors, including past experiences, word-of-mouth, advertising, website design, the attitudes of staff members, etc. To achieve and sustain customer satisfaction levels, consistency and continuity of the service provided are key.

Creating A Customer-Centric Organisation

by Michael Haynes

Today’s business environment is characterised by highly competitive markets, tough economic conditions and demanding - but often less loyal - customers. Businesses worldwide are attempting to be more responsive to customer's needs by adopting strategic, customer-centric approaches. Discover the essential characteristics that organisations must possess in order for them to truly operate in a customer-centric manner.

The Ladder Of Customer Loyalty - Turning Prospects Into Evangelists

by Tony Gattari

Every business owner dreams of maximising the number of evangelists for their business. Evangelists are the people who will shout your praises from the roof-top and help you in building an ever-expanding loyal customer base - all for free. What more can you ask for? But how do you turn your prospects into evangelists?

Indentifying World Class Customer Service Opportunities

by Skip Weisman

As more and more businesses find themselves fighting against the tide of commoditisation, it is becoming increasingly difficult - and significantly more expensive - to differentiate from the competition. The least expensive way, is to develop true differentiation in customer service. But it has to be truly, exceptionally, noticeably different.

How To Compliment Your Customers And Prospects

by Jim Domanski

Sometimes we forget that selling is a basic interaction of two individuals. Making someone feel good helps nurture that interaction to a certain degree. It creates a positive impression or mood. People respond to a kind remark.

9 Tips For Building Customer Loyalty

by Colleen Francis

Why do we focus so much of our time and effort on tracking down new business, when our most profitable customers are the ones we already have?

Four Ways To Keep Customers Satisfied

by Flying Solo

Lots of businesses put energy into customer service, when they should be focusing on customer satisfaction. So what’s the difference?

9 Steps To Building A Profitable Customer Relationship

by Colleen Francis

Success in sales depends directly on your ability to make yourself likeable, and create a positive experience for your customers.

If I Could Show You, Would You?

by Kelley Robertson

What if I could show you how you could save money, would that be of interest to you? What if I told you that you could capture more market share, would you like to hear how we can help you do this?

Be My Guest

by Kelley Robertson

In recent years many different businesses have begun to approach their clients differently.

How Would Your Customers Rate Your Service?

by John Boe

Rendering exceptional customer service is both a responsibility and a smart business decision. Unfortunately, far too many salespeople view customer service as an administrative burden that takes them away from making a sale.

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