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Certified CEO

The CEO Institute is a global certification body for CEOs recognising excellence in business leadership. The Institute's Certified CEO (CCEO) designation is a mark of respect and a reason for pride.

Certified CEO (CCEO) Certification This unique CEO certification sets a benchmark for CEOs, acknowledging academic qualifications, experiential learning and the professional experience of business leaders. Importantly, it supports the commitment to executive education through lifelong learning and the requirement of continuous professional development .

The benefits to Certified CEO recipients include:

  • Knowledge - through access to continuous professional development and applied management thinking
  • Networking - joining an exclusive network of Certified CEOs
  • Professional recognition - of experience and achieving at the highest level of leadership
  • Competitive advantage - setting recipients apart from their peers when applying for highly sought after leadership positions
  • Distinction - the right to call oneself a Certified CEO, and use the prestigious post nominal CCEO or CCEO(prov)

Subject to the Rules for Certification, approved by the Australian Competition & Consumer Commission (ACCC), The CEO Institute offers the CCEO designation to Senior Managers and CEOs.

There are two pathways to certification and two levels of recognition.

The Experiential Pathway 

By invitation only! Join The CEO Syndicate program, and undertake a journey of lifelong learning through shared experience.

Fellows of The CEO Institute who have attended a minimum of 55 CEO Syndicate meetings, with 5 years’ or more  experience as a Chief Executive or equivalent position, are automatically assessed for Certification.

The Academic Pathway

Two certification programs are available within the Academic Pathway:

Join the Future CEO program, based on a blended learning model providing a mix of facilitated and experiential learning ... get the best of both worlds! Candidates who have attended 30 half-day or 15 full-day meetings, with a minimum of 3 years’ senior management experience, are  automatically assessed for Certification.

Alternatively, enrol in the online Certified CEO program available globally, and study at your own pace, in your own time. Candidates who successfully complete the Certified CEO program with 5 years’ or more experience as a Chief Executive or equivalent position, OR with a minimum of 3 years’ senior management experience, are automatically assessed for Certification.

Full or Provisional Certification

Full Certification is granted to Chief Executive Officers or equivalent position with five or more years’ experience who have met the program requirements under the Experiential or Academic Pathway. This confers the right to be called a Certified CEO and use the post nominal CCEO.

Provisional Certification is granted to Managers with a minimum of 3 years’ senior management experience who have met the program requirements under the Academic Pathway. Recipients are entitled to use the post nominal CCEO(prov).

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