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Approved Certification Courses

The CEO Institute

Certified Manager Program

The Certified Manager Program provides content that is contemporary, relevant and valuable for Managers.

This high impact certification management program, offered over the Zoom platform, includes a range of essential topics covering the skills and business knowledge required to successfully navigate the challenges faced in today’s workplace.

A total of 12 topics are delivered over the course of the program. Each month participants meet for 2 hours to cover 1 topic presented by an expert speaker in their field. Successful completion of our globally recognised certification course will position you as a credentialed leader, having earned the right to use the post nominal CertM.

To learn more about the Certified Manager Program click here.

To enrol in the Certified Manager Program click here.

Certified CEO Program

The Certified CEO Program is an online certification course designed for business leaders globally (CEOs and senior managers) and aspiring business leaders who are looking to build upon existing qualifications and business experience.

The Certified CEO Program consists of four modules containing high level business content. Each module is supported by a knowledge based assessable assignment. An over-arching Capstone project, as an application based assessable assignment is also required to complete the program. The program’s duration is approximately 300 hours of study, which can be undertaken within a 12 month time frame.

Subject to work experience, successful program completion leads to Full or Provisional Certification as a Certified CEO and the use of the post nominal CCEO or CCEO(prov).

To learn more about the Certified CEO Program click here.

To enrol in the Certified CEO Program click hereWhen enrolling in the Certified CEO Program you will be taken to the UNE Partnerships website.

The CEO Syndicate Program

The CEO Syndicate Program is an exclusive peer support network for business leaders. It offers experiential learning and mutual group mentoring to help members grow personally and professionally.

Each month peer group Syndicates of about 16 CEOs from non-competing organisations meet for half a day of leadership development undertaking problem solving, knowledge sharing and mutual support through informal discussion.

 The membership of each Syndicate is matched to member's business profiles ensuring a dynamic and active environment in a confidential setting.  

The CEO Syndicate Program leads to full certification as a Certified CEO, and the right to use the post nominal CCEO.

To learn more about The CEO Syndicate Program offered face-to-face in NSW, VIC, QLD, SA, WA & NZ  click here.

To learn more about The CEO Syndicate Program delivered via Zoom click here.

To enrol in The CEO Syndicate Program @ Zoom click here.


Future CEO Program

The CEO Institute's Future CEO Program is a certification course designed for future business leaders. It equips next-generation leaders with the skills, knowledge and contacts they need to confront problems and manage growth.

Each group meets monthly under the guidance of an experienced Chair who guides the agenda, giving attention to the specific needs of the group.

Based on a blended learning model, the program provides a mix of facilitated and experiential learning, which enables members to enhance their existing management and leadership skills to fast track their career potential.

The Future CEO Program leads to Provisional Certification as a Certified CEO, and the right to use the post nominal CCEO(prov).

To learn more about the Future CEO Program offered face-to-face in NSW, VIC, QLD, SA & NZ click here.

To learn more about the Future CEO Program delivered via Zoom click here.

To enrol in the Future CEO Program @ Zoom click here.

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