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Business Book Summaries is the #1 business book summary service for entrepreneurs, executives, and growth-minded leaders. They take the world’s best business books, and give you the key points in 12 minutes or less. Even better, you get a choice of text, audio, and video to learn the way you want.

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Latest Book Summaries



Book Summary: Gen Z At Work

By David Stillman & Jonah Stillman

A new generation is starting to hit our workforce, yet no one seems to be talking about it: Generation Z. Born 1995–2012.

Book Summary: When Buyers Say No

By Tom Hopkins & Ben Katt

Let’s face it - when you are in sales, you are going to hear no much more often than yes. A lot more often. So what do you do when you hear dreaded word come out of a prospect’s mouth?

Book Summary: Build An A Team

By Whitney Johnson

What does healthy disruption look like within the dynamic of a team? Whitney Johnson describes what she calls the 'S curve of learning' - a thesis central to the book and her philosophy of development in the workplace.

Book Summary: Difficult Conversations

By Douglas Stone

Difficult conversations are a normal part of life. They include anything you find hard to talk about - like asking for a raise at work, to confronting disrespectful behaviour in your family, and everywhere in between.

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