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Finance And Risk

Cashflow - is it flowing in your organisation? Do you always get paid on time for the work you or your organisation does? How do you forecast budgets accurately? Do you have a disaster plan in place should catastrophe hit - whether man-made or by mother nature? In this Case Studies section, discover real-life examples of successes - and failures - in Finance And Risk.

Mitigating Risk

As John Curnow inherited $7million of debt when he became CEO of three advertising agencies during the global financial crisis, he has given a lot of thought to risk mitigation. Now, as Founder and Managing Director of Virtual Ad Agency (VAA), his entire business model is based on risk mitigation.

Creative Recovery

Imagine landing a multi-million dollar contract to conduct business in Dubai - then not getting paid for the work you've done. Discover how one entrepreneur is using the lessons learnt from this experience to rebuild his company bigger, better and stronger after a complete collapse.

Under Pressure

What would you do if your bank cancelled your short-term finance facility just as you had landed three new contracts? Now imagine that happening between Christmas and New Year. Welcome to Paul Newbound’s nightmare.

Medals Of Honour

Two Defence Force Academy graduates have been successfully applying their military training to a corporate assault on the project management sector.

Startup Decompression

An innovative R&D start-up is fighting a classic battle that faces most brilliant youngsters: turning intellectual property into a cash-flowing business.

Sweet Harvest

Setting out to challenge a dominant market player became a whole lot harder when a new fruit-processing business ran into cashflow problems.

Armor-Plated Business

A Sydney inventor uses technology to strengthen his glass and mentors to reinforce his management weaknesses.

The Case For Safety

The cost of not maintaining a safe workplace can be injured workers and criminal action against directors.

How To Make Good Ideas Pay

A New Zealand research commercialiser says the new-idea business is all about experience, contacts and patent defence.

Keeping The Thief From Your Door

Police can no longer cope with theft from workplaces. Two experts tell how to avoid the problem in the first place.

Work Safety Begins Before The Work Starts

When Des Walters won a contract to provide dive services for a major construction project, he knew his company's reputation would depend on keeping workers safe.

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