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Business IT

Are you keeping up with the latest in technology advances? Social media? Network security? It can be easy to slip behind in the information technology stakes, and remaining informed and up-to-date is an imperative for any successful business. In this Case Studies section, discover real-life examples of successes - and failures - in Business IT.

The Worth Of Social Media

Any business owner interested in modern trends knows about social media. But not every business owner knows how to use it, or measure the ROI it brings. For this reason, it can be very difficult for business owners to justify the effort required setting up or maintaining accounts. In some cases, some businesses don’t bother with social media at all.

Breaking Boundaries With Social Media

Craig Wilson began his digital marketing agency, Sticky, in 2006. In order to expand the business with minimal financial outlay, Craig had to successfully harness social media.

We Need Backup!

It's easy to see why Bike Exchange operates exclusively online. Consumer confidence in online purchasing has increased and online businesses have little or no overheads. It's the smart choice for retail for the digital era - but it hasn't always been smooth riding...

Growth Child

Two entrepreneurs slipped up when they initially confused their need with what the market actually wanted. A good complaints log and a willingness to innovate have paid great dividends.

Web Of Connections

A pioneer of e-commerce was surprised when he compared sales between his online-only operation in Canada with his web-and-salespeople one in Australia.

A Perfect Market

A young Treasury economist eventually found a way to create “a perfect market” with his fledgling online business. The hard part was learning about business.

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