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Delivering Value

So you want new and existing customers to sit up and take notice of your product or service. What is your unique selling proposition? Is your product or service ‘hitting the mark’ in terms of value?
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Boutique Vs. Scale: The Value Spectrum

by Craig West

All businesses sit somewhere on the value spectrum and maximising the value of your business depends upon your ability to recognise where it currently sits and how to improve its position. This article focuses on this model and how to use it to maximise the value of your business!

Stay In The Game

by Kelley Robertson

After a great deal of effort you have finally made contact with a prospect. You meet with them and they express interest in your solution or offering. You send additional information and schedule a follow-up session. However, now you can't seem to make contact with your prospect.

32 Fatal Negotiating Mistakes That Cost Salespeople Money

by Kelley Robertson

Most sales people are required to negotiate with their prospects and customers. But let's face it, today's consumer and corporate buyer is much more aggressive when negotiating the terms of a sale.

6 Steps To Finding Hidden Value In Your Client Base

by Jenny Stilwell

Whether you have a retail business, a professional service business, you're a distributor or producer of products, or an owner of any other sort of business, you will appreciate that the fastest way to increase your revenue is to grow the value of your existing client base.

The Sale You Can't Close

by Mark Hunter

We've all been there. After countless calls, meetings and an endless amount of work, you just can't get the customer to say "yes" and move forward.

Increasing Your Sales By Giving It Away

by Alan Boyer

What makes you better than your competition? When you start giving away your services, your ideas, you will see your sales skyrocket.

Avoid Commodity Selling

by Harlan Goerger

The reality is, most salespeople tend to turn a very unique product or service into a commodity in the buyers mind. As a result, the sale ends up being a price war and much harder work than it need be.

Generating Ideas That Create New Value

by Gayle Lantz

What can businesses do to move forward in this economy? While there is much a business can do, one of the most important actions is to generate ideas that create new value.

How To Create More Demand During Hard Times

by John Lees

As businesses prepare for a downturn in demand, the corresponding upturn needed in activity and proactive sales action are often difficult to create. Managers and staff are of course capable of lifting their efforts, but people find it difficult to do more work if they are less than confident at ‘creating demand'.

Losing A Sale Is Never, Ever About Price Alone

by Miller Heiman

If price was the main reason for losing a sale, it would be a lot easier to win by simply dropping it. The reality is, there are solutions customers will pay a premium for.

How To Revitalise Your Small Business Using Powerful, Low-Cost Marketing

by Jimmy Vee & Travis Miller

Too many entrepreneurs, small business owners and sales professionals are wasting their time, money and efforts with traditional marketing practices. These practices are washed-up, worn-out and do not deliver profitable results. So what can you do today to make a difference tomorrow without breaking the bank?

What Do Clients Want?

by Sue Barrett

In business-to-business transactions, clients are now looking for 'business people' who can sell.

Turn Selling Around

by Ram Charan

The heart of the new approach to selling is an intense focus on the prosperity of your customers. This is a radical departure from what most salespeople and selling organisations do.

Selling Isn't Rocket Science - It's Harder!

by Michael Dalton Johnson

"The devil's in the detail," says an old proverb. And in the profits too. Much like rocket science, when it comes to making the sale, the littlest thing can mean success or disaster. Here are a few tips to help you find success.

Turning Uniqueness Into Sales

by Rebecca Laskary

If you consistently display and deliver your uniqueness, whatever it may be, then that's what your reputation will become. You will stand out and you will become known for your unique quality.

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