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Knowing The Customer

Most of us don't know who the right customers are for our business. How well do you know your customer? Could you build an accurate customer profile? What is your target market? What are the outcomes of market segmentation?
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How Relevant Are You To Your Market?

By Darrell Hardidge

The biggest mistake you can make regarding client loyalty is assuming you are highly relevant. If the only measurement you have is the opinions of yourself and your team, then you are at risk of reduced sales and margins.

How To Avoid Killing Customer Loyalty

By Darrell Hardidge

Smart businesses are becoming very aware of the need to optimise their customer service and customer experience (CX); those who have true customer loyalty can withstand any unexpected yet inevitable business hurdles.

Why Real-time Conversations Work

By Darrell Hardidge

Online surveys are seemingly great for businesses as they're easy to set up and quick to distribute, but the reality is that they do not work in getting valuable feedback from your customers.

Five Business Benefits Of Measuring Client Appreciation

By Darrell Hardidge

We live in a dynamic and converging world where business is experiencing more disruption with every passing day. Many are looking to product and service delivery to sustain new and innovative ways of doing business.

Increase Your Sales - Align With Their Identity

By Gihan Perera

We act in ways that are consistent with our identity - the sort of person we think we are. This applies to your website visitors as well, and it influences their decision making. If you can connect your products and services to their identity, it makes it easier for them to make a decision - and for you to make a sale.

Selling To The Four Temperament Styles

By John Boe

Have you ever wondered why you seem to hit it off right away with some people, while with others it's more like oil and water? A person's temperament style not only determines his or her energy level, behavioural traits, body language patterns, and buying style - but it also influences compatibility with other people.

Customers Or Consumers?

By Barry Urquhart

Sales, profits and customer satisfaction leakage are a fundamental reality of business. A key important insight into the cause is that too few business owners, managers and service providers are aware of, sensitive to, or see the need to differentiate between their customers and their consumers.

Know Your Customer

By Brent Duffy

People are the key to sales success – both the people who are selling and the people who are buying. Understanding both sides of the sales fence is the key to sustainable sales growth.

Getting Your Message Through

by Michael McQueen

Smart marketers and advertisers the world over know one thing to be sure: Gen Y represent a financial goldmine.

How To Identify The Perfect Customer For Your Business

by Tony Gattari

The old adage 'the customer is always right' does not ring true, but unfortunately most of us don't know who the right customers are for our business. We take on board anyone who has a heart beat, without ever identifying the right customer profile for our business. Here's how to identify those customers, and how to attract more of them.

How To Find Your Ideal Customer

by Jane Toohey

Often we think anyone with money is our ideal customer. It's only when you delve further that you'll find your real match. And if you want to reduce your marketing costs and increase your income, it's vital to know who your ideal customer is.

Market Research For Innovation And Growth

by Betty Southgate

Market research can provide you with answers to some of the questions that are crucial to your business success and arm you with the knowledge required for innovation and growth.

Generational Sales: The Question Is Y

by Barry Urquhart

Common statements and truisms related to selling to Generation Y and insights into reaching this notoriously hard-to-reach market segment.

Doing Research On Marketing

by Kevin Sinclair

To be effective with your marketing efforts, you need to research!

Generational Marketing Messages - What Works Best Today

by Mark McCrindle

A comprehensive guide to marketing communications and messages for each generation.

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