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Setting Values, Goals & Vision

Values, goals, mission or vision statements should be more than bland words on a piece of paper. What should you consider when setting your organisational values, goals and vision so that you captivate your audience?
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The Importance Of Vision And How To Create It So That Your Team Follows

By David Sharrock

Just recently, I was out to lunch with the founders and owners of a business. We were happily chatting about all things business until they produced their glossy, corporate brochure with a flourish; their vision statement read: "connecting people... to solutions".

Get Aligned; Get Ahead!

By Graham Haines

If I offered free tickets for you and members of your management team to a presentation given by an acknowledged world authority on each of the following topics, which presentation would you attend? The only criterion is that you would select the topic that would have the most potential to improve your organisation's overall performance. You can only go to one of them.

Four Steps To Becoming A Purpose-led Organisation

By Dr Rodney Howard

Your vision describes where your business wants to head in future years; your corporate values tell the story of how you want to engage with each other as you enable that vision; and your strategic objectives detail what specific short-term targets you want to achieve.

Organisational Alignment - Achieving Execution To Die For

By Graham Haines

There is no one factor that stands above all others when it comes to great execution. However, given that, for any organisation, there are a limited number of business strategies available, the ability to execute - and to execute better than your direct competitors - is fundamental to remaining in business and achieving a competitive advantage.

How Purpose Matters In A Competitive World

By Geoff Aigner and Diana Renner

If we think of our organisation as a dress shop what would be its purpose? Are we here to sell clothes? Are we running a supply chain? Or are we delivering a return to shareholders? All these things are essential but they don’t explain why my shop is different from yours, why an investor will give me money rather than you or why an employee will shine in the service of my product. Perhaps most importantly these kinds of answers won’t explain why a customer will walk into my shop and buy something and keep coming back.

Thrive, Survive or Perish?

By Vesna Grubacevic

In business, your success is largely determined by your focus. If you have clarity of focus, your action is purposeful and you will more easily achieve what you set out to do. Your focus will determine whether you thrive, survive or perish.

Building Ethics Into Your Business

by Tim Andrew

Ethics, culture, values. These words are often used to describe, manage and communicate something that we feel is unique about our company. But how do you build ethics into the DNA of your business?

3 Ways To Lead Values

by Aubrey Warren

Most organisations have a set of values. Sometimes they are displayed in frames on walls. Often they'll be on the website or in the annual report or corporate plan.

Seven Tips For Effective Goal Setting

by flying solo

These goal-setting tips are based on neuro-linguistic programming (NLP) to help make your goals more lively, fun, and effective!

5 Excuses For A Lack Of Business Vision

A successful business vision is the ultimate carrot to steer your life’s work by. It should be aspirational and inspiring. Are you inspired by your business’ current vision? Do you get a 'wow!' feeling from it? Does it bring tears to your eyes?!

How To Set SMART Goals

by Mike Brooks

So many people still ask me what the secret to successful goal setting is, so I thought I’d share with you one of the basic principles of goal setting.

5 Mistakes To Avoid When Creating A Vision For Your Company

by Jenny Stilwell

Set a clear and achievable vision for your company by avoiding these 5 mistakes.

Cascading A New Vision: Three Steps For Real Commitment

by John Antonakis

This article focuses on the challenge of cascading a vision in a meaningful way throughout organisations. Vision is the desired future state of the organisation, communicated in a way that creates a persistent and vivid image that channels organisational resources and energy.

Time For Re-Alignment?

by Bill Caswell

It is never too early or late to kick-start and re-align the direction of your team to achieve the results that you deserve. Use this approach to discover how you can enjoy consistent improvement over the long-term future.

The Second Key To A Remarkable Workplace - Principles

by Ian Berry

Living these unchanging principles in ever-changing ways is one of five keys essential to unlocking the door to your remarkable workplace.

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