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Communicating With Customers

What tips can be followed to help you communicate a clear and concise verbal or written message to your customers?
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Why Leadership Matters Most In Managing Difficult Customer Behaviour

By Monique Richardson

Difficult customer behaviour is evident across all industries. Whether in Contact Centres, Hospitality, Government or Retail, difficult customer behaviour has always been part of the service industry.

Seven Keys To Instant Rapport

By Dr. Alan Zimmerman

Have you ever met someone that you instantly liked? Or have you ever met someone that immediately rubbed you the wrong way? Of course you have.

Breaking Down Silos At Work

By Ingrid Cliff

Workplace silos are some of the greatest blocks to customer satisfaction with a business. There’s increasing complexity in the ways customers engage with a business: Social media, email, online forms, phone, face-to-face, review sites, retail stores, forums, blogs, online chat and a whole raft of others.

Be A Communications Rock Star

By Ingrid Cliff

We have all been on the receiving end of poor communication, yet we all like to think that we are brilliant communicators. Even the best of us do not always use the most effective communication.

How Do Your Customers Get In Touch?

By Craig Reardon

If you’ve been in business long enough, you will indeed know that timing is everything. If you don’t respond to client enquiries in a timely manner you can risk losing their business.

The Power Of Active Listening

By John Boe

Would you consider yourself to be a good listener? How would your customers, business associates, friends, and family members rate your listening ability? Their feedback just might surprise you, because most people believe they're much better listeners than they truly are.

Customer Feedback: The 3 Critical Elements

By Adam Ramshaw

The starting point when designing a customer loyalty survey must be understanding what your customers care about and how well you are meeting their expectations. Unfortunately, many surveys fail to include all three critical elements required deliver that outcome.

Customer Survey Tips

by Tony Gattari

Surveys are an excellent way to find out how your customers feel about a new product, service, location, store policy or virtually anything that's important to your business. A survey will tell you what your customers expect of you and your company, and clarify how well you are performing in their eyes. If executed properly, you can achieve impressive results without spending a lot of money.

Successful Communication - 4 Key Categories

by Jenny Stilwell

There are four key categories to remember when thinking about whether you are maximising your communication with your target market.

Turning Publicity Into Profit

by Flyingsolo

Congratulations! Your DIY publicity efforts are starting to pay off. Now it’s time to leverage your media profile in a way that benefits your business.

Are You Paying Attention?

by Flyingsolo

Attention is the new currency. More than ever, customers crave attention and are prepared to pay for it.

The Nine Keys To Managing Client Expectations

by Flyingsolo

Mismanaged client expectations can be unpleasant, costly and damaging to your reputation. So how do you stop them biting you on the backside?

Relationship Selling: So What Is A Relationship?

by Harlan Goerger

It seems that anywhere you turn there is a conversation, blog, discussion or new book on Relationship Selling. You may also be seeing and hearing the banter: What is this relationship? Can it be described or is it just another catch phrase to sell product and talk smart?

7 Print Newsletter Design Tips To Get Your Client Newsletter Opened And Read Every Time

by David Gruttadaurio

You spend a considerable amount of time and money producing your monthly client print newsletter. Having it tossed in the trash along with the ‘B’ pile (junk) mail is the last thing you want.

6 Reasons Why You Should Not JUST Send An Email Newsletter

by David Gruttadaurio

Six ways print newsletters beat email newsletters - and why they need to be part of your marketing mix.

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