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Assessing Business Performance

Compare the performance of your business against best practice benchmarks? The balanced business scorecard is one tool to assess business performance.
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Business Valuation Using An EBIT Multiple

by Craig West

A common question asked by many business owners is “what is my business worth?”. Whilst there are certainly some financial and accounting formulas that could be applied to answer this question, there is also a hell of a lot work that needs to be done that is nothing to do with finance or accounting. Rather, information relating to the commercial and operational issues within the business. These then need to be compiled and utilised to determine risk.

Which Business Improvement Approach Is Best For You?

by Daniel Lock

In this article, we consider three approaches to business improvement: kaizen, re-engineering and dramatic innovation. Each has its place - but the costs, benefits, and risks differ significantly. Which is the approach that will work best for you? What are the impacts of each? Discover how to assess each of these approaches.

7 Steps To Streamlining Processes In Your Business

by Daniel Lock

It makes sense to limit the number of steps in any process, thereby decreasing complexity. How do you simplify a process quickly and easily? Here is a step-by-step approach.

How To Reach Your Business Targets

by Sue Hirst

There is an old saying: "If you aim at nothing, you will hit the target with amazing accuracy!"

Leveraging Greater Value From Business Reporting

by John Cleary

To understand why business reporting is an issue, do a postage stamp calculation of the number of reports being produced and the staff time and effort required to produce them.

5 Reasons Why Businesses Go Bust

by Dr. Mark D. Yates

Just about every international business expert and every business consultant involved in business development and business growth, will have gained valuable experience of how businesses go bust.

Maximise Performance By Tracking Your Trends

by Donna Stone

Operating a successful business involves tying a number of different strings together. Some say marketing is critical, or financial management, or closing the sale. These are all important - but to really maximise their performance, it's essential to track progress. Listed below are some critical, but simple, components to track and a method for doing so.

Staying Afloat In Uncertain Times

by Tom Lesnikowski

It is critical to continuously monitor the financial health of your business in both good and uncertain times.

Understanding The Stages Of Business Growth

by Laurie Taylor

Recognising the different stages of your company's growth and adapting your own leadership skills to what is required, will pay off in spades as you face the myriad of challenges that lay in wait for anyone who runs a successful company.

Recession Survival Kit

by Mal Emery

Let's be clear about one thing. Real success is sustainable. It lasts and it happens in any economic climate - in spite of external influences - and is not exclusive to soaring economies or to businesses that are lucky. Businesses that survive and thrive in tough times are those which adopt an attitude of discovery rather than resistance.

Assessing Your Business Performance

by Jenny Stilwell

A review of your business will identify any areas which are working really well - and any which may require you to take action. Being informed about the real drivers in your business is critical to achieving results and optimal utilisation of all your resources.

Keeping Organisational Performance On Target

by Mike Bourne

Mis-handling the target-setting process can be the cause major issues for an organisation. Here is a new ten-step target-setting process to help organisations set their targets in a better way.

Essential Attributes Of Great Companies

by Jim Champy

Although there is no single formula for what creates a good - or great - company, there are some shared attributes.

Corporate Retrenchment Or Renewal?

by Tom Fitzgerald

The bottom lines may be the same, at least at first. But there is a profound difference in the long-term profitability and competitiveness of companies that renew and regenerate rather than retrench.

Business Success Means Doing The Right Things - And Doing Things Right

by Graham Haines

Why are some companies so successful? At a fundamental level, the executive mangement are "doing the right things" and everyone "does things right".

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