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Building & Managing A Brand

Great brands deliver positive buying and using experiences. What is the potential, the pitfalls and the risks in creating new brands or evolving existing brands?
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Social Media: Rethinking How We Use Our Online Voice

by Theo Kapodistrias

At our fingertips, we have access to networks of people all over the world. Through social media, we can share messages, content, and photos from whatever we are doing and can choose what to speak about with our connections.

Seven Ways To Create Effective Content

By Karla Brandau

Many people are talking about 'content marketing' and how important it is to your entire marketing plan. But some people feel overwhelmed by just how much content they have to keep creating - especially if writing doesn't come naturally. Fortunately, it doesn't have to be difficult. In fact, you might discover you can create a lot of high-quality content for little or no effort at all. For example, here are seven simple things you can do to create content with little or no writing involved.

Personal Brand Personality

By Sue Currie

How important is image or personal branding to a small business entrepreneur or corporate executive? It is important to communicate the essence of who we are, in alignment with the company brand. Not only to promote the overall reputation of the business but to aid our own career stance. It's not just the company's logo that is representative of the brand; it's the people in an organisation that portray the brand essence and reflect the vision, mission and values that have been so carefully crafted.

Making Your Key Messages Memorable

By Catriona Pollard

Key messages are the core messages you want your target audience to hear and remember. They can be used in all of your communication such as your website, in media releases, during media interviews, at networking functions and any time you need to describe your business.

Maximising Your Brand's 'Trust Currency'

by Brian Walker

In this increasingly complex social marketplace, consumer trust is emerging as the new currency you cannot trade. As the strength of this currency increases, it falls upon brands to create their own stable 'Trust Economies' that will weather the rise and fall of the external local and global movements around them. So just why has trust become so important to consumers? And how do you, as a brand, build your own Trust Economy to build loyal and profitable customer relationships?

Creating Brand Equity

by Jane Toohey

Marketing channels are becoming increasingly complex. The customer is now in control and there is no quick fix. In this environment, how can your organisation create brand equity?

From Bland To Brand

by Nick Fairburn

Unfortunately, the term 'brand' is an abused and confused term. 'A leading brand' is distinctly different from 'a well known company' and 'creating a new brand feel' is downright misleading when in fact the company logo and typeface is all that is being changed. So just what is a brand? Why is it important to you and how do you go about creating your own brand?

Designing A Logo On A Shoestring Budget

by Flying Solo

Does your brand have the right look and feel? If not, it’s time to get back to basics. Start by reviewing your logo – and don’t let costs hold you back.

How To Develop Your Personal Brand

by Julia Nekich

Marketers now widely acknowledge that personal branding is an important business-building tool, whether you’re a sole trader or CEO of a company.

The Four-Step Sales And Marketing Audit

by Flying Solo

Are your promotional materials delivering the best possible outcomes? Here we go back to basics to identify the pieces that need refreshing in four simple steps.

3 Pillars Of A Healthy Business

by Jenny Stilwell

We all need to focus on three key pillars for success: marketing our businesses to build clients and income; management practices and procedures to establish the framework for our business as it grows; and mentoring support to keep us on the right track, and provide different levels of support as our business grows.

How Strong Writing Helps Build Your Brand

by Flying Solo

Among the many factors to consider in building a strong brand, it’s easy for the non-visual elements such as language, consistent messaging and grammar to be overlooked. How do yours stack up?

How To Communicate Your Brand To Stand Out From The Crowd

by Sue Currie

Whether you are in big business or small business you need to communicate to people about who you are, what you do and how you make a difference. In essence, build your brand. We would call it public relations.

The Magic Of Measurement

by Michelle Gamble

Measurement is absolutely critical to making sure your marketing spend is as effective as it can possibly be. Who wants to be blowing their money these days?

Is Your Business Marketing Beige?

by Ingrid Cliff

If your business is more beige than neon, then it's time to do a marketing tune-up.

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