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Creating Competitive Advantage

Finding and creating a sustainable competitive advantage is the holy grail of every business. What is it that makes your business different – and better – than the competition?
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Why You Need to Change Proof Your Skillset

By Kieran Flanagan & Dan Gregory

In 2015, The World Economic Forum identified a predicted shift in desired work skills in the five years from 2015 to 2020. The future capability needs they observed moved from what might be thought of as technical or role-based skills towards what are usually considered to be soft skills - things like communication and empathy.

The Stakeholder Quadrant

By Darren K Bourke

There are many areas of business that we juggle daily. The Stakeholder Quadrant comprises of four critical areas. Each of the areas influence each other differently but should be looked upon as an integral structure for your business to achieve success.

Beware The Oversell

By Colleen Francis

By telling the customer they’re getting more than they need when they don’t require it, didn’t specify it and may never use it, you run the risk of losing business and tarnishing your reputation.

Building Loyalty - And Profits - With True Differentiation

by Michael Haynes

In order to increace profits and reduce customer churn, organisations must have a truly differentiated offering that customers cannot acquire elsewhere. Providing such an offering necessitates having to focus on being better than the competition. This ultimately means that companies must make trade-offs - not only regarding what they will offer in terms of products and services, but also which customers they will serve.

Want Competitive Advantage? Find Out What Your Customers Really Want

by Michael Haynes

Organisations that not only have a detailed understanding of what customers value, but can also effectively leverage those insights to respond to their requirements, will reap the benefits of improved competitive advantage, organisational performance and stronger customer relationships and loyalty. Discover how, who and what to ask to gather the information that your organisation needs to stay ahead of the game.

How To Block The Competition

by Kelley Robertson

In today's business climate, virtually every company has more competition than they did a few years ago. And many of these competitors are beating at your customers' door in an effort to get their business.

Clarifying Your Competitive Advantage

by Flying Solo

Identifying your competitive advantage - the one thing you do better than anyone else - is actually harder than it sounds.

Marketing In A Recession

by Peter O'Flynn

As the jaws of the recession tighten on businesses, it seems, as is often the case, that marketing budgets are amongst the first to be slashed. But is this the right approach? While reducing marketing spend might improve your figures in the short term, the long term consequences can be disastrous.

Building Business Acumen That Adds Value

by John Cleary

Organisational business acumen is maintaining a focus on business opportunity, by building the capability and motivation of staff, to meet client's needs and maximise investor return - and gain competitive advantage for your business.

Leveraging The Strength Of Your Business Relationships

by Ed Emde

Do you know how to leverage personal assets and the assets of your company to "competitor proof" your customer relationships? To build enduring connections with customers requires two distinct skills, focused on two distinct relationships.

Asking For Written Testimonials

by Dr. Ivan Misner

Make it standard practice to ask clients and contacts for testimonials and you'll build your credibility and your business.

Get On Target To Maximise Your Marketing In A Downturn

by Colleen Francis

Businesses get their best results when they target their prospects with forethought and empathy. This is an especially important discipline to engage in when selling in a down market, because resources are tighter than ever and your time is finite.

Boost Sales - By Obtaining Testimonials From Customers

by Colleen Francis

What your customers have to say about you is vitally important in harnessing the power of word-of-mouth sales.

Strengthen Business Sales In A Tough Market

by Harlan Goerger

How to maintain good sales in these challenging times? Businesses and customers are pulling in their spending, and getting existing - much less new - sales, is getting more challenging. But different thinking and solutions can open doors and lock out competitors.

How To Raise Your Profile Using A Case Study

by Karen Morris

A well constructed case study has all the elements necessary to get your marketing message across and establish the trust needed to build good business relationships. Here's how to create a case study to help you win business and raise your profile.

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