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Thursday 14 December, 2023
by Shannah Kennedy & Colleen Callander
Elevate is not just a book; it’s a powerful mantra that you can carry with you every day, in every action, and apply to every aspect of your life.

Business Book Extract: Elevate

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Executive Life coach Shannah Kennedy and former Sportsgirl CEO Colleen Callander present Elevate - the groundbreaking book that empowers you to rise from ordinary to extraordinary one step at a time. Whether you’re pursuing personal growth, professional goals, or overall well-being, Elevate is the key to achieving outstanding results.

Get ready for an extraordinary journey! In each chapter of Elevate, you’ll embark on a powerful process that brings clarity and fuels action for a life that soars. Uncover crucial topics, define your priorities, and craft a gamechanging plan. Elevate empowers you to stop, start, and maintain actions that will revolutionise your life.

Shannah and Colleen clearly define the ultimate approach through their three pillars:

  1. Own your journey, empower yourself.
  2. Leadership: Lead with purpose, influence others.
  3. Longevity: Build a foundation of health for lasting success.

Join the Elevate movement today and experience the life changing impact of a single word. 


About the authors


Shannah Kennedy is a master life coach and life planner with 20 years of experience, has coached elite athletes, CEOs, entrepreneurs, high-performing executives, and teams. Her expertise empowers clients to take control of their lives, achieve their visions, and reach their goals. The author of the global bestseller The Life Plan - Simple Strategies for a Meaningful Life and six other acclaimed Penguin Random House books, Shannah’s impact on countless lives is profound.

Colleen Callander, with an impressive 30-year retail career, served as CEO for two iconic Australian fashion brands: Sportsgirl and Sussan. Her wealth of knowledge and track record in building brands and establishing winning cultures has inspired and empowered people throughout her career. Colleen is also the author of Leader by Design - Be empowered to lead with confidence in business and in life.

Both in their 50s, Colleen and Shannah are at the pinnacle of their careers, balancing family life and peak fitness while working with leaders at some of the nation’s leading brands. They understand the significance of investing in a long-term life and action plan, which revolves around three key pillars of success: LIFE, LEADERSHIP & LONGEVITY. They are a dynamic duo with decades of expertise, passion, commitment, and are transforming lives and leadership, elevating individuals and organisations to unprecedented levels of success.

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