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Integrating Merged Businesses

Workplace culture, business systems and role duplication are just a few of the many challenges that must be faced when merging two or more businesses into one. What needs to be done to ensure a smooth transition during a merger?

Grow Your Business With Joint Ventures

by Flying Solo

In its simplest form, a joint venture partnership is a business agreement with another business. Done well, it can be a mutually beneficial way for both of you to grow.

Delivering The Value In Post Merger Integration - Through Your People!

by Graham Childs

Dealing with the people issues involved in a merger or acquisition as a priority will greatly enhance the prospects of success. Use these six tips to help you manage people effectively throughout an integration.

Getting The People Side Of Merger Integration Right

by Kevin Berchelmann

The single biggest reason for merger or acquisition failure is not costs, lack of synergy or an incompatible strategy. It's people.

How To Keep IT On Track When Integrating Companies - Integration And Integrity

by Laurie Newman

No business wants to be perceived as a loser in the intricate game of M&A. To beat the odds and actually deliver the value as promised to shareholders, companies must address risk holistically, taking special care to focus on data. Data issues have caused many to stumble.

How To Keep IT On Track When Integrating Companies - Expectations And Assumptions

by Laurie Newman

How can companies reduce the risk that their merger or acquisition will be derailed by data issues?

Doing The Right Things: Why HR Needs To Be Involved

by JJ Thakkar

About half of all Merger & Acquistion transactions actually destroy value for the buyer's shareholders, and half fall short of the expectations optimistically proclaimed at the time the deal is announced. The reasons that these deals fail are often blamed on strategic or financial factors. But, just as often, the root cause has to do with people and the cultural clash between the two organizations.

Navigating Rough Seas - The Value Of Coaching In Guiding Executives Through Mergers &Acquisitions

by Mary Herrmann

One of the most complex business situations for any executive to navigate is a merger or acquisition. So, why do so many senior executives attempt to find the right course without a "guide" in the form of a professional executive coach?

Superannuation - Be Careful With What You Promise

by Mike Smith

In any merger or acquisition transaction, it is common for superannuation arrangements to be “glossed over” in the due diligence process. After all, superannuation issues are hardly considered as deal-breakers.

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