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Dealing With The Media

Avoid a public relations nightmare by learning some important lessons when dealing with the media. How can you be better prepared when writing a press release, or being interviewed by a journalist?
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When You Should Choose PR Over Marketing

By Catriona Pollard

PR and marketing are both an important part of the mix when it comes to engaging with your customer or client base. The question of whether you should choose public relations (PR) over marketing depends on the objectives you are trying to achieve. PR is about building relationships over time, whereas, marketing is driven by revenue.

How To Create A Media List

by Catriona Pollard

Do you want to generate publicity for your business with a media release? Then you'll first need to create a media list. Use the steps in this article to create your media list so that you can start contacting the right journalists, gain coverage in the most appropriate media, that will reach your target audience.

How To Follow Up With The Media

by Catriona Pollard

So you’ve sent out a pitch or a media release to journalists and have received no reply. What now? What should you do to find out if the journalist received your email or if they are interested? Learn how to follow up with the media over the phone.

The Case For And Against PR Follow-Up

by Thomas Murrell

When and how do you follow up a pitch for a media story with a journalist or reporter? This is an age old question that causes debate amongst both journalists and PR professionals. There is no definitive answer. It really depends on the context, content and media vehicle. So here are the arguments for and against media release follow-up with journalists.

Choosing Your Company's Media Spokesperson

by Catriona Pollard

Building your company's profile and protecting its reputation should be a key aspect of your public relations strategy but an entire strategy can be derailed if the wrong spokesperson is selected to front the media.

Preparing The Perfect Media Pitch

by Flyingsolo

You’ve identified your business news hook, and you’re geared up to generate news about your business. Now it’s time to pitch your story to the media.

Your Publicity Is All About Them

by Flyingsolo

When it comes to securing publicity, any attention you receive is not actually about you.

Four Steps To Successful DIY PR

by Flyingsolo

If you’ve ever seen a competitor quoted in a magazine and thought "I should have been interviewed for that", it’s time to start generating your own publicity.

Playing The Angles

by Julia Nekich

Is your business like hundreds of others out there? Are you keen to get some media coverage around your brand, but find it challenging enough to create a point of difference, let alone a newsworthy angle?

The Five Pieces Of The Press Release Puzzle

by Marsha Friedman

The best place to start your publicity initiative is by writing one of the best marketing tools available: the press release.

How To Make Dull Information Exciting

by Philip Yaffe

We have all had the misfortune of reading very dull texts and sitting through very dull presentations. Don't add yours to the list, spark your audience's interest instead.

11 PR Tips For Generating Buzz

by David Garland

Use these key success factors for the "pitching process" - gathered from editors of major publications, TV shows, blogs, new and old media - to get your face and company some much-needed press time.

How To Be A Valuable News Source The Media Love

by Joan Stewart

If you want to get good PR, you need to know how to work with the media. Specifically, how to be a valuable source. Here are 10 ways to get in the media's good graces.

Finding The Right Media For Your Marketing Campaign

by Marsha Friedman

This article outlines the four main media outlets to consider when developing a "media savvy" marketing and PR strategy.

How To Develop A Newsworthy Hook For Your Media Release

by Marsha Friedman

Most of the time you can find news hooks in even the most mundane of media releases. The key point to remember is that the focus of the release isn't to sell, sell, sell - it's to convince a reporter that you have news to report and that their readers would be informed or entertained by what you have to tell them.

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