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Operating Overseas

Whether you are exporting or importing, undertaking an international business expansion or simply conducting business in a foreign country, how do you tackle the challenges that will present themselves?

Are You Ready For International Expansion?

by Flyingsolo

Establishing your business overseas can be both risky and rewarding. To determine whether your business is ready, work through this series of simple questions.

Why Businesses Need To Think Global, Act Local

by David Thomas

In today’s global markets, the ‘think global, act local’ philosophy has more relevance than ever for the owners and directors of small business, particularly in Australia.

Looking To Expand Overseas

by BDO Kendalls

Today's global environment offers many opportunities for businesses, whatever their size, to expand their operations overseas.

The Future Of Outsourcing And Off-Shoring

by Max Tennant

Outsourcing is one of the fastest growing business phenomena globally. Yet, it is important to remember that outsourcing brings challenges as well as opportunities.

Expanding Internationally: 8 Points To Consider Before Going Global

by Robert Kendzior

Expanding internationally can be an attractive and lucrative business proposition. When carefully and strategically planned and executed, an international business unit will add to the value of your business overall.

Success In India Requires Long-Term Thinking

by Rohini Kapur

India's rapid growth and large middle class is creating opportunities for Australian exporters. But you need to regard the Indian market as being a marathon, not a sprint.

Foreign Affairs

by Tom McKaskill

When choosing a distributor in an export market, prepare for a close relationship.

Export - A Beginners Guide

by NSW Business Chamber

With only 20 million potential customers, Australia is a limited market. Many companies look to the international marketplace for growth opportunities after they have established themselves in the domestic market.

The World At Your Feet

Developing an international expansion strategy against the backdrop of your domestic franchise operation can be a challenge. This article provides insight into how to measure your readiness for expansion into overseas markets.

Taking The Risk Out Of Exporting

by Ian Rogers

To minimise the risks associated with exporting - or any form of business activity - you first need to identify them.

Think Outside Australia

by Warwick Prestwood

Simple sales and marketing strategies are the keys to developing and maintaining an export market. With the world markets in perpetual change and expansion mode, opportunities for quality Australian made products are enormous, yet we remain amongst the worst in the world for exporting.

Extending Franchised Operations Into Other Countries

by Mike Padden

Successful transplants of franchised businesses take time, money and an overwhelming entrepreneurial missionary zeal. A total belief in your product, your system and yourself is essential, as is the almost suicidal dedication to invest time and effort in foreign countries.

Exporting - A How-To-Guide For SMEs

by NSW Business Chamber

If you are preparing to export, follow these tips to avoid mistakes that could cost you growth opportunities and success.

How To Develop An Exporting Plan

by George Tanewski

Before you rush into an export market, spend some time searching for one that represents the best opportunity for your company. You want a market that represents the least risk and the greatest long-term reward. This article outlines criteria to use when determining an export plan.

Opportunity And Peril: Global Trade For The Family Business

by Professor Kosmas Smyrnios

The world is wide with opportunity for family businesses. But at the same time, endeavours into the global market can be perilous, particularly as company management defines its global business strategy and assesses the role of family members in executing this strategy. Several fundamental guidelines can be followed to mitigate the risks inherent in international trade and global business ventures in general.

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