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Thinking Strategically

Strategic management can bring about positive change in the business. How can you unleash your goals and plans through strategic thinking, rather than intuition?
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3 Reasons We Avoid Strategy Meetings - How To Make Them Matter

by Rosie Yeo

A leader’s primary role is to set the right path forward. The strategies most likely to succeed are the plans designed together with those who know your organisation best - your people - and this doesn’t happen by itself.

Wise Leadership In The Age Of AI

by Gihan Perera

Are the robots coming for your job? Yes and no.

How To Commercialise Conversations To Win More Work

by Ricky Nowak

The rules of the game have changed (again) and (again). COVID-19 has flipped the world order on its head and is continuing to throw obstructions and opportunities at us. So - what now? How will your business stay afloat and how do you emerge stronger?

Transitioning From Old Business Models To New

By Anthony Stevens

How much of your current strategy will help you compete in the digital economy? And what have you done over the last few years?

8 Ways You Can Incorporate Strategic Awareness In Business And In Life

By Steven Bowman

Strategic awareness rarely features in modern textbooks on management, yet is something that can fundamentally change conversations and decision-making at the Board level.

Do You Have A Nimbility Strategy?

By Michael Licenblat

Research shows that 70 percent of transformation efforts fail often due to change fatigue1. Change fatigue is a 'general sense of apathy or passive resignation towards organisational changes by individuals or teams'2. Litigation fatigue, compassion fatigue and change fatigue are examples of overexposure to repetitive pressures that lead to exhaustion, disengagement, and overwhelm.

Identifying Critical Roles - Your Strategic Advantage

By Colin Beames

The business case for identifying critical roles is compelling. By investing disproportionally in the people and resources associated with such roles, this will have maximum leverage on enhancing organisational performance, contribute to the achievement of strategic and business objectives, and provide longer-term competitive advantage.

Strategic Procurement - More Than Just The Price Paid

By William Pegg

If asked to describe procurement, what would you say? Would it be a function that buys things, writes contracts and generates savings? While you wouldn't be wrong, the real value of this team lies in its contribution toward profit, revenue and innovation.

Point-To-Point Strategy

by Steve Lennon

Navigating today's complex and challenging business environment requires us to become, agile, restless and flexible. More than just good risk management, point-to-point strategy requires a creative and entrepreneurial, yet disciplined, approach that can generate momentum for profitable and sustainable growth.

Building Your Strategic Agility

by Daniel Lock

Business innovation and strategic planning are essential components of a business strategy to survive harsh economic climates. Does your business have the strategic flexibility to survive? Learn the steps to building the strategic agility of your organisation.

Responding To Changing Market Conditions

by Graham Haines

Does the attribute that made you different and better in the past still make you different and better next year and beyond?

Are Your Strategies Working?

by flying solo

Do you ever find yourself doing something in a way that frustrates or irritates you, over and over again? Chances are that any repetitive behaviour in the way that you run your business, or your life, is just one of many ‘strategies’ you employ.

Applied Strategic Planning: The Corporate Reality Show

Strategic planning at most companies, if accomplished at all, doesn’t really matter anymore. Certainly, the planning process frequently consumes a tremendous amount of time and energy, and produces reams of data and 3-hole binders; rarely, however, does it drive top management’s decisions or a company’s overall strategy.

Strategising Your Business: A Market-Dominating Primer

by Daniel Lock

Every business needs to set goals. But what comes next? Learn to strategise your business to achieve your goals with less daily effort.

Start Building Your Business Strategy Blueprint

by Jenny Stilwell

Challenging circumstances lead most business owners to think about strategy, and then strategy itself can be challenging!

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