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Upgrading Selling Techniques

There are many barriers that you will confront when you’re selling products or services. What sales techniques or strategies can you employ to close the sale?
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Six Steps To Qualify A Sales Opportunity

By Paul Cherry

It's impossible to qualify a sales opportunity if you don't know what it actually means to do so. For too many salespeople, a qualified sales lead is someone who checks all or many of the boxes next to the criteria you've identified for a promising prospect. Or, a qualified sales lead is someone who was identified by your marketing department and vetted by a member of your sales force.

The 7 Deadly Sins Of Customer Engagement

By Kevin Sheridan

Despite the innovation and resourcefulness of entrepreneurial organisations, they can also fall victim to the 7 deadly sins of customer engagement.

Escaping The Prospecting Rut

By Kendra Lee

No doubt about it, prospecting can sometimes get boring, and occasionally depressing. You don't get the responses you want, and sometimes it seems like all you do is leave voicemails and send emails that no one listens to. Learn how to warm up your prospects so they'll want to take your call.

Building Your Credibility

by Aubrey Warren

It is sad that the usually well-intentioned efforts of hardworking people is so easily discounted, mistrusted or ignored. But it does highlight a reality about contemporary communication - we trust what we see much more than what we hear.

Trust Is Not Enough!

by Colleen Francis

For many years, developing trust and rapport was considered the hallmark of a great sales process. Driving sales required exposing your sales team to a maximum number of prospects and developing trust and rapport with those prospects. As such, the primary objective for most salespeople has always been to find and speak with as many qualified prospects as possible, and to spend their time developing the trust of that prospect network. By putting a sales representative in front of as many prospects as possible, the opportunity to sell increases - but what's important is not the exposure, but the relationship.

Selling To Different Generations

by Paul Archer

The plain fact is, we have to adapt our way of selling or handling customers to achieve a win-win, and one way to achieve this, is to segment your customers according to the four recognised generations. This article will give you strategies you can use straight away to help you sell more effectively to the varying generations.

Power Questions That Unlock Stalled Sales

by Andrew Sobel

It often can feel like buyers have the upper hand, with many service providers to choose from, all pitching for their business. A related problem is the stalled sale. Being treated like a vendor is bad enough - worse, you may slog through meeting after meeting, month after month, without reaching a sale. Learn the power questions that can help you manage both of these situations.

Get In Top Sales Shape In Just 21 Days

by Jim Domanski

This article provides you with 21 actions that you can gradually implement one day at a time. Easy. Fast. Simple. But each little task is a step in the right direction. Each step creates and builds momentum. The best part is this: after 21 days you'll be in better sales shape. You'll have created a habit of doing a little extra every day.

Sales Negotiation Checklist For Successful Outcomes

by Mark Hunter

Want to go into negotiations with the best selling skills possible? Want to increase your sales motivation and your profits? Then make sure you follow this checklist when enterting into every sales negotiation.

10 Worst Practices Of Sales Follow-Up

by Mark Heerema

Effective, timely, and strategic follow-up is an absolute essential to peak sales achievement. Without it, your sales game will never reach the level it could. I have yet to see a great salesperson not great at following-up, but unfortunately, I have seen, far too often, bad follow-up practices. Learn to avoid the 10 worst practices salespeople make when they follow-up.

12 Golden Principles Of Selling

by Jonathan Farrington

Customers don't buy from you because they like you, but because they are prepared to trust you. The greatest compliment a customer can pay you is to describe you as "professional". Being professional is not one thing, it is three - what you do, what you say and how you present yourself. Follow these 12 golden principles to become a sales professional.

Sales Negotiation With The 4 Personality Types

by Jonathan Farrington

People negotiate differently - and behave differently - during the sales negotiation process. There are four basic styles of behaviour which determine the way in which people relate to one another. In this article, learn how can you ensure that you approach people in the correct way to achieve a positive outcome.

14 Things Salespeople Should Never Stop Doing

by Kelley Robertson

If you are serious about maintaining a long-term sales career and increasing your sales success, here are 14 things you should never stop doing. If by chance, you haven't started doing some of these, I suggest that you do start - the sooner, the better!

10 Presentation Skills For Salespeople

by Steve Flashman

Presentation skills are a crucial asset to your sales toolkit and should be nurtured. Having been a senior manager myself, and often called upon to use my presentation skills in a variety of settings, here are ten presentation skills that any salesperson must foster.

9 Attitudes Of Highly Motivated Sales Performers

by Paul Archer

It's often been said that salespeople need three components to thrive - knowledge, skills and attitude. We're all guilty of focussing far too much time and energy on the first two - knowledge and skills, neglecting the pursuit of the right attitudes. All three oil the gears of a top performing salesperson, but attitude is the highest grade oil.

Total 95 articles in this section.
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