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Nurturing Ideas, Creativity & Innovation

Does your workplace encourage creative thought and innovative practices? How can you cultivate an environment that welcomes the flow of new ideas?
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Disrupt Less, Innovate More

By Gihan Perera

A lot of leaders talk about their business or industry being disrupted, and they want to know how to deal with all the 'disruption'. This is the wrong way to look at it.

The Three Elements Of Successful Innovation

By Gihan Perera

One of the most commonly-quoted stories around disruption is about Kodak, which was the market leader in film photography, but failed because it couldn't adapt to digital photography.

How To Turn Risk And Uncertainty Into Opportunity And Innovation

By Steven Bowman

Risk and uncertainty are forces that are part of everyday life.

3 Ninja Tactics To Leverage Your Big Ideas

By Darren K Bourke

How often do you find yourself daydreaming and a Big Idea pops into your head? Or you might wake up at 3am with your mind racing thinking about a business opportunity. What do you do when this happens?

Creating The Best Possible Ideas With Your Team

By Kevin Eikenberry

How many times have you gotten a flash of insight, a great idea or remembered the name of that person you couldn't come up with, while taking a shower? The chances are likely to be more than once.

6 Ways To Capture Great Ideas

by Mark Sanborn

We are bombarded by ideas every day. Whether listening to the news, attending a meeting or reading the paper, we are exposed to ideas that could be captured and used to advantage. If you don't capture an idea, it goes out of your life as quickly as it came in. Here are six ways you can capture useful ideas.

Innovate Using The Power Of Why

by Kevin Herring

When employees start to ask, "Why are we doing this?" in order to connect the work with a reason, a culture of "Why" begins to emerge. "Why?" is the question that gets people thinking about the best way to do things and the reasons for doing them. It's engagement and innovation in embryo.

Harnessing The Innovative Power Of Your Workforce

by Roger La Salle

Attempts to tap into the power of a company's own workforce have often floundered because they failed to embrace some simple rules and models. Discover how to simplify your innovation process.

ROI For Innovation - The Low Hanging Fruit!

by Roger La Salle

Business units need to provide a return.

Turning Ideas Into Action

by Flying Solo

Business ideas are so cheap you can get a dozen of 'em for a dime. But how do you bridge the gap between ideas and results?

Your Innovation Initiative - What's The ROI?

by Roger La Salle

Business is about profits. Like it or not, that's what business is about! Indeed it’s the first duty of a CEO and board to work to the best interest of shareholders in providing a return on their investments. This is one of their fundamental responsibilities and by and large guides their decision-making.

Innovation, Invention, Opportunity Capture - What's The Difference?

by Roger La Salle

Change is the order of the day! There would be little doubt that businesses, whether large or small, realise that in order to stay ahead of the game it is essential to be constantly renewing their offerings. Whether it be products, processes, services or simply the way you do business, change is essential.

Do You Connect The Dots?

by Roger La Salle

Have you ever worked in a company where the boss or your manager hoards information? Unfortunately this is not all that uncommon. The old saying goes that “Knowledge is Power”, and those of us that are insecure in our abilities or feel threatened by those around us try to remain in control by hoarding information.

Quality Innovation - Make Your Business Boom!

by Tanya Lacy

You've heard of IQ? Now learn about QI - Quality Innovation. You're at the 'enough is enough' point with the doom and gloom. Here's a resource to create boom. You can 'charge the change', and here's a quality recipe for a way forward.

Are You Asking The Right Innovation Question?

Most often when a group of people comes together to investigate a burning issue, a solution will be found. Just make sure the best question has been asked, the question that leads to the best solution.

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