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Buying A Business

So you want to buy a business? Maybe you want to expand your existing business through an acquisition strategy? Before acquiring a business, what do you need to keep an eye out for?

The Seven Deadly Sins Of Buying A Business

by Flying Solo

Do you want to buy a business? Perhaps you are a business owner looking to snap up an additional business or are craving an escape from the rat race. Either way, there are seven sins all potential purchasers must avoid.

Smart Acquisitions

by Tom McKaskill

In theory, buying another business can be a good way to grow, but it needs careful study.

Key Considerations On Buying A Business

by Jeff Long

Expanding a business through acquisition is something most owners consider at some time, and in our experience those that do, are often unaware of the risks involved, and how to set a realistic purchase price.

The Solution To Brand Dilution

by Joseph Benson, Rob Levinson and Drew Allison

How a company can grow through acquisition without losing its identity.

Making A Strategic Acquisition

by Bentleys MRI

Purchasing another business could expand your business overnight. It might enable you to take advantage of new economies of scale, or diversify into new areas. But an acquisition can also bring problems, draining financial and management resources from your original business. This article considers some of the pros and cons in expanding your business through an acquisition.

Acquisition Competence: The Three Critical Elements

by Mark Knez & Randy Harrison

The obvious place for a company to begin to develop an effective acquisition capability is to examine best practices in the area. These acquisition best practices separate into two categories: pre-deal due-diligence and post-merger integration planning, and the actual post-merger integration process.

Due Diligence Dollars: Pre-Deal Operational Issues For HR

by Buck Baker

What should acquiring entities think about pre-deal? The short answer is, unfortunately, everything. Lists upon lists of "to-dos" abound - from things you need to think about before you do anything... to things that are typically overlooked in transactions. We thought we would add to this collection by offering up a list of our own: a list pertaining to people issues.

Making Acquisitions Good For Growth

by Dr Tony Grundy

With businesses of all sizes facing competitive change in the 2000s, the pressures to find effective routes to growth have intensified significantly. Small, medium and very large corporations are inclined to thrust for growth especially in the search for shareholder value.

Franchises - Understanding The Risks

by NSW Business Chamber

If you are considering buying a franchise you should consider all available information before making the decision.

Due Diligence: What Is All The Fuss About?

by Bentleys MRI

Due diligence and major deals are like bricks and mortar. If a deal is prepared without conducting a thorough analysis of a deal's strategic logic and potential value, cracks in a deal's structure may go unnoticed. The financial implications of this oversight should not be underestimated.

The Difficult Transition Phase Of The Acquisition Process

by Bill Moyes

Acquisitions should provide an opportunity for growth and the creation of significant value-added opportunities. However success is dependent on ensuring a smooth transition during the change over.

Business Buyers

by Frank A Pizi

Don't buy the wrong business or overpay.

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