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Video Seminar: Outside-In Downside-Up Leadership

By Jason T. Smith
For more than a decade, Jason T. Smith had led his business with a traditional vertical organisational structure that mostly worked – up to a point, anyway. But something changed. He set an unreasonable goal that couldn’t be achieved through the status quo. The organisational model lacked the critical design attributes needed to unleash its innovative potential. It seemed like the team had just stopped working. Fast-forward two years later, after weeks of intentional learning, planning, testing and probing, they found the sweet spot between collaboration and peer accountability. They discovered an authentic and scalable way to give each team member the freedom to do what they love and excel at it. They started working from the outside-in, turning former norms and systems downside-up. The result was a workplace revolution. They achieved their overriding strategic target of 7/50/100: a brand presence in 7 states or territories, generating revenues of close to $50 million in annual client services, in over 100 locations. The colleagues leading the organisation work together in their new found structure they call ONEteam™.

Extract: Outside-In Downside-Up Leadership

Video Seminar: Jason T. Smith

About Jason T. Smith

Jason T. SmithJason is a dynamic business and health thought leader, award-winning entrepreneur, and acclaimed physiotherapist in high demand.Jason founded the Back In Motion Health Group – Australia and New Zealand’s largest and fastest growing provider of physiotherapy and related services ( The success of Back In Motion has been recognised by its sustained exponential growth and the high number of formal accolades including being awarded the BRW Fast Franchise for five consecutive years and Jason’s award as the Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the Year 2013 for Services in the Southern region.

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Jason T. Smith Phone: 1300 859 581

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