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Video Seminar: How To Prevent Your Teams From Fracturing

By Karen Gately
Fundamental to any organisation's ability to thrive is collaboration. When groups of people work in partnership to explore opportunities, assess options and reach decisions, better outcomes are typically achieved. Leaders are wise to take a deliberate and disciplined approach to influencing the cohesion and effectiveness of their team. Success depends greatly on the ability to recognise threats to collaboration and taking decisive action to respond. In this Video Seminar, we will explore strategies to ensure your team doesn’t fracture.

Extract: How To Prevent Your Teams From Fracturing

Video Seminar: Karen Gately

About Karen Gately

Karen GatelyKaren Gately is a leadership and people-management expert and a founder of Ryan Gately, a specialist HR consultancy practice. She is also the author of The People Manager’s Toolkit: A Practical guide to getting the best from people and The Corporate Dojo: Driving extraordinary results through spirited people.

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Karen Gately Phone: +61 3 9670 6711
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