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Video Seminar: The 25 Minute Meeting

By Donna McGeorge
Meetings are the defacto way of doing business, but too often they do nothing more than eat up our days and waste our resources. This does not need to be the case, and with a few simple changes to how you approach meetings, you can get back valuable time in your day and improve the impact of every meeting you attend.

Extract: What Do People Hate Most About Meetings?

Video Seminar: Donna McGeorge

About Donna McGeorge

Donna McGeorgeWith her high-energy delivery, good humour and strong people skills, Donna quickly builds trust, gaining a keen insight into the real obstacles an organisation is facing. By encouraging individual problem-solving, initiative, empowerment and self-responsibility, she guides people through the process of making work, work. Donna offers incredibly practical tools and advice that can be applied instantly, while also being aware of the psychological shifts necessary to implement lasting positive change.

Contact Details

Donna McGeorge Phone: +61 (0) 403 308 933
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