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Video Seminar: Why Cognitive Health Is The Driver To Future Business Growth

By Dr Jenny Brockis
As a leader at the top of your game, it's imperative to be attuned to the present, knowing how to achieve today's desired results, while remaining future focused for longer term strategies for continuing business growth and success. This is where cognitive health (how well you think, learn and remember) comes to play. It's about thinking fast with the mental agility and flexibility to solve problems, and make consistently good decisions, while also thinking critically. Better cognitive health makes perfect business sense because hiring staff is an expensive and time-consuming exercise. It's no longer enough to just find the right person with the right attitude and skill-set. They need a work environment that supports and values better thinking to demonstrate their capability and work to their full potential.

Extract: Why Cognitive Health Is The Driver To Future Business Growth

Video Seminar: Dr Jenny Brockis

About Dr. Jenny Brockis

Dr Jenny BrockisWhile long fascinated by the human brain and why we think and behave the way we do, Dr. Jenny Brockis decision to leave the role as the Principal of a group medical practice was not taken lightly.

Jenny was increasingly concerned by the amount of stress, stress-related illness, anxiety and depression, and cognitive problems she was witnessing, often emanating from the place we spend up to one third of our lives. The place we call work.

Having already fallen in love with the brain science, Jenny knew that to achieve her mission of becoming the Jamie Oliver of high-performance thinking, Jenny had to do things differently.

As an award winning speaker, Dr. Jenny Brockis provide keynotes, workshops and masterclasses, translating the complexities of the neuroscience into practical tools that enhance better thinking.

Contact Details

Dr Jenny Brockis Phone: +61 408 092 078
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