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Video Seminar: Networking That Matters And That Works

By Janine Garner
Networking is an essential skill; it’s the key to success. So why are so many of our connections superficial and transactional? And why do they get us nowhere in our personal or professional life? Maybe because we’ve lost sight of the fact that it’s not about the quantity of connections you make, but the quality of the relationships you build and nurture. Building a small, tight and connected network of a key group of people is critical to future proof your career and business ventures in this 21st century world of busyness - a network that evolves with you and is a non-stop source of opportunity. Networking still matters, but it’s your network that matters more.

Extract: Networking That Matters And That Works

Video Seminar: Janine Garner

About Janine Garner

Janine GarnerJanine Garner is a Fortune 500 mentor, keynote speaker and author. She is a partner at Thought Leaders Global, which helps clever people to become commercially smart, and the founder and CEO of the LBDGroup, a networking community that connects like-minded women together to help them achieve extraordinary growth. Janine is passionate about bringing brilliant people together to achieve remarkable results through collaboration, connection and influential leadership. She is the author of It’s Who You Know: How a network of 12 key people can fast-track your success (Wiley 2017) and From Me To We: Why Commercial Collaboration Will Future Proof Business, Leaders and Personal Success.

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Janine Garner Phone: +61 418 297 712
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