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Video Seminar: Leaders Must Walk The Talk When It Comes To Balance

Wednesday 13 December, 2017
by Nikki Fogden-Moore
Authentic engaging leadership creates sustainable results, powerful performance and a true demonstration of culture and values at all levels with an organisation of any size. As our commercial and organisational landscapes evolve it is even more paramount to ensure you walk your talk and that the 3 pillars of Ultimate Leadership Vitality are ingrained from the top down - lead by example, lead from within and then seamlessly lead others. Nikki Fogden-Moore takes us through how to reignite your sense of purpose and connection as a leader and CEO. Learn her vital steps to get back in the driver’s seat demonstrating the values, qualities and actions you require from your teams and your company as a whole.

Overview: Leaders Must Walk The Talk When It Comes To Balance

Question 1:
Why Do Leaders Need To Walk The Talk When It Comes To Balance?

Question 2: What Challenges Do Leaders Face When They Need To Find Their Own Personal And Commercial Balance?

Question 3:
What Are 3 Core Steps Leaders Can Take To Reignite Authentic ‘Lead By Example’ Behaviour?

Question 4: How Do We Engage Effective Walk The Talk Approaches At All Levels Inside Our Organisation?

About Nikki Fogden-Moore


Nikki Fogden-MooreNikki Fogden-Moore is The Vitality Expert, a renowned global coach, speaker, mentor and founder of The Vitality Road Map. She specialises in working with CEOs, entrepreneurs and high achievers in creating the life they want. She divides her time between private coaching, Corporate Vitality, Boardroom and bespoke retreats, workshops and presenting. Nikki’s mission is to inspire and empower high achievers to truly bring business and personal vitality to life. Her dedicated Corporate Vitality Program, The Vitality Road Map, is run in the US, NZ and Australia, revolutionising wellness in the workplace. Straight forward, inspiring and engaging, Nikki presents the power of being your personal best, finding the sweet spot in work / life balance and how to apply a fresh perspective to health, fitness and vitality in everyday life. Nikki's podcast The Vitality Coach is on iTunes and is downloaded in over 80 countries. Fitpreneur is her second book, following the release of Vitality. .


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Nikki Fogden-Moore Phone: +61 428 198 911
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