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Video Seminar: Setting Yourself Up For Success

By Lisa Stephenson
By the time we are established in our career and have built a version of success, we are mostly habitual in how we perform, think and behave. Let’s explore the thought provokers that will challenge what you need to do and plan in terms of what’s next. Success is personal and requires work. Most high performers want more! To be healthier, wealthier, smarter… So what do the most successful CEOs, entrepreneurs, elite athletes and leaders around the world do, to be the very best version of themselves? They are prepared to do what others aren’t and here we will talk about the strategies that work. You will also learn why motivation is not relevant. In my experience as a success coach, people are highly motivated at times, but when that passes they are stuck in the busy, and the delivery of doing what needs to be done for their people and to get results.

Extract: Why Do I Need To Make Myself My Most Important Project?

Video Seminar: Lisa Stephenson

About Lisa Stephenson

Lisa StephensonLisa Stephenson is the author of Read Me First (Major Street Publishing), a book filled with thought provoking coaching questions, strategies for success and life’s must-haves. Lisa draws on decades of experience as a global speaker, leadership consultant and success coach. She is also the founder of the global, Australian-based consulting firm, Who am I Projects. Over the years she has worked with some of the biggest global names, CEOs, elite athletes and entrepreneurs. In this book, Lisa will challenge and inspire you, while holding you accountable for going after what you need and want.

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Lisa Stephenson Phone: +61 (0) 412 282 700
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