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Video Seminar: Increasing Productivity With Cognitive Science

Tuesday 20 March, 2018
by Ethan Glessich
At the centre of every organisation are people. The sum of the individual decisions and actions of these people result in the business outcomes achieved. Cognitive psychology and neuroscience present an opportunity to better understand the drivers of these decisions and actions. This deeper knowledge can help CEOs and business leaders develop tools, processes and behaviours which better align employees with the organisation’s top priorities, increase productivity and prepare the business for the challenges ahead.

Overview: Increasing Productivity With Cognitive Science

Question 1:
What Are The Key Productivity Challenges CEOs Currently Face?

Question 2: How Can Cognitive Science Help CEOs Improve In Productivity?

Question 3:
How Can Organisations Unlock The Full Potential Of Focus?

Question 4: What Do You Believe Are The Future Challenges And How Can CEOs Prepare For Them?

About Ethan Glessich


Ethan GlessichEthan Glessich is the Founder and Managing Director of Kognitive Consulting. At Kognitive, Ethan assists organisations to enhance productivity, performance and wellbeing by leveraging the latest research from cognitive science. Prior to Kognitive, Ethan worked as an Aerospace Engineer and Business Consultant in Australia, South America and Europe. Outside of work, Ethan is a paragliding acrobatic pilot. He has flown 5 of the biggest mountain ranges of the world and became the first person to represent Australia at the World Championships. This passion has also seen him face some major life challenges - such as breaking his back and having a reserve malfunction which saw him fall over a 1000 metres to the ground.


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Ethan Glessich Phone: +61 3 8300 6408
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