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Video Seminar: The 4 Foundations To Accelerate Brand Growth

By Troy McKinna
How do impatient organisations build profitable brands, fast? In a time where businesses are focused on short term results and marketers are forced to do more with less, how do we stop brands from suffering? It’s time to reinvent marketing. In the new book, Brand Hustle branding expert Troy McKinna draws on experience working with market leaders such as Mars, Snickers, Schweppes and Gatorade, along with his own start-up, to provide a practical guide to building and growing a successful brand. Troy says the advantage lies in challenging the norm remembering that a brand’s value relies on our ability to hustle better than the next; to solve a customer’s problem better, to be faster to mind and faster to hand.

Extract: The 4 Foundations To Accelerate Brand Growth

Video Seminar: Troy McKinna

About Troy McKinna

Troy McKinna  Troy McKinna is an entrepreneur and brand building specialist who helps senior leaders and teams build customer-led growth strategies. He is the co-founder of Agents of Spring and Quest Beverages and believes that brands not only connect products and services with consumers, but also act as a defendable growth strategy for organisations and start-ups alike. He has proven this time and time again growing some of Australia’s, and the world’s, most recognisable brands, including Mars, Snickers, Schweppes, Gatorade and Cool Ridge. As co-founder of Agents of Spring, Troy helps organisations curiously seek out and creatively solve their customers’ most valuable problems. It is only by doing this that a brand can satisfy its customers, strengthen its P&L, beat the competition, attract the best talent and drive growth. Brand Hustle is his first book.

Contact Details

Troy McKinna  Phone: +61 412 367 689

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