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Video Seminar: How To Fix Dysfunctional Teams

By Grevis Beard
Dysfunctional teams drive away top talent, damage morale and wellbeing, and cost businesses millions in reduced productivity. Many organisations have limited HR capacity, and managers are often taken by surprise when interpersonal issues and bad behaviour start to affect their team’s culture, reputation and output. Grevis Beard is co-author of a new book, Fix Your Team, which empowers leaders and managers to understand the common issues that can pull teams off track (such as lack of clarity, toxic personalities, or unhealthy competition), and understand how to fix them.

Extract: How Common Are Dysfunctional Teams & Bad Behaviour In Australian Workplaces?

Video Seminar: Grevis Beard

About Grevis Beard

Grevis BeardGrevis has significant knowledge of the dynamics of workplace disputes and their resolution. Grevis works with a range of clients to improve workplace communication, investigate inappropriate behaviour at work, manage workplace risks and handle complaints. He is an acclaimed speaker and author.

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Grevis Beard Phone: (03) 9981 6500
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