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Video Seminar: Cracking The Corporate Culture Code

By Steve Simpson
Increasingly, leaders are recognising that the most important factor that determines future success is their workplace culture. It is the culture that drives employee engagement, people's appetite for change, the extent to which work areas cooperate with one another, and whether or not innovation is taken seriously. Paradoxically, while many leaders understand the importance of their culture, many fail to act on it. In part, this can be attributed to the complexity of the concept. In this Video Seminar, author and international speaker Steve Simpson introduces his concept of Unwritten Ground Rules - used by companies across the world as the vehicle to both understand and strategically improve workplace cultures.

Extract: Cracking The Corporate Culture Code

Video Seminar: Steve Simpson Q4

 About Steve Simpson

Steve Simpson Steve Simpson is an international speaker, consultant, and author based in Melbourne. Creator of the UGRs concept, Steve has worked with organisations across the world to help transform culture and performance. Some of Steve’s clients include Kmart Australia and NZ, Toyota Australia, McLaren (UK) and Gold Fields (South Africa).


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Steve Simpson Phone: +61 3 9331 0437
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