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Video Seminar: CEOs, Sales Is A Strategic Opportunity

By Steven Norman
While the Marketing function has progressed exponentially over the past decade and Customer Experience has come out of nowhere to be a core C-level function, the Sales area has not progressed much. With our products becoming more commoditised and globalisation driving more competition it is harder than ever to stand out. What used to be Strategic Competitive Advantage has now morphed to temporary and transient advantage at best. So what’s left to differentiate you with customers? The sales function is where the rubber hits the road and your business makes contact with its customers.

Extract: CEOs, Sales Is A Strategic Opportunity

Video Seminar: Steven Norman

About Steven Norman

Steven Norman  Steven Norman is the author of Future Proof Sales Strategy, a guide to what’s working in the professional sales world today. In the book he shares Seven Steps to transform sales teams’ performance and build a bulletproof sales machine. He is also the founder of Growth Acumen, where he works with some of the world’s top B2B companies on implementing world-class sales practices. He has more than 25 years’ experience as a B2B sales leader and general manager across many industries and geographies. During his career he was responsible for more than US$4 billion in sales.

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Steven Norman  Phone: +61 481 755 173

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