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Video Seminar: How To Lead Like A Coach

By Karen Morley
Leaders who coach double their engagement scores. Their teams willingly work harder and get twice as much done. Both leaders and teams are happier and more satisfied. Leaders are under pressure to produce results at a faster pace, with fewer resources, and less certainty. Most leaders respond by adopting a command-and-control style. They don’t delegate enough, they overwork, and end up feeling overburdened. Teams disengage from leaders who control. Instead of producing more, they produce less, feel discouraged, and are more likely to burnout. When leaders coach, they cultivate trust with their people by supporting and developing them. They readily delegate work and responsibility. They do what they can to equip team members.

Extract: Why Should Leaders Coach?

Video Seminar: Karen Morley

About Karen Morley

Karen MorleyDr Karen Morley works with executives and human resource leaders from a range of different organisations to make leadership more inclusive and to help grow the coaching capability of their leaders. Karen has held executive roles in government and higher education, and her approach is informed by her experience in these roles. She’s a registered psychologist with a desire to align what leaders do with the available evidence for what works. She chairs the board of Emerge Women and Children’s Support Network which assists women and children affected by domestic violence.

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Karen Morley Phone: +61 438 215 391

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