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Video Seminar: Leadership Transformation, What’s Possible?

By Peter Shields
Leadership transformation is a novel idea because 80% of adults don’t transcend the fear-driven, socialised mind stage of consciousness. You can’t lead the majority from the mindset that dominates the majority. There’s no one way for a leader to follow because each of us are enabled and limited by our unique experiences and learning. Therefore leadership transformation is a fiction that each leader must choose to navigate and find their path.

Extract: Leadership Transformation, What’s Possible?

Video Seminar: Peter Shields

About Peter Shields

Peter Shields  Peter Shields is a transformational executive coach with more than 18 years’ experience, having supported hundreds of leaders and their teams to achieve meaningful change through improving business skills and strategic thinking.His background in corporate sales and marketing, along with his study and practice of creativity psychotherapy, have informed his approach to transformational executive coaching. Peter is an (ICF) Professional Certified Coach with over 6000 logged hours of executive coaching and 2000 days facilitating strategic leadership workshops. He is a faculty member for both the Institute of Executive Coaching and Leadership and for The Leadership Circle and author of the new book Leadership Alchemy.

Contact Details

Peter Shields  Phone: (+61) 0415 984 877

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