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Video Seminar: How To Resolve Conflict Without Stress

By Martin Probst
Workplace conflict is often associated with stress and can be devastating to the individuals involved, to teams, clients and the business on a financial, emotional and mental level. A 2008 Medibank Private publication suggests that workplace stress is estimated to cost the Australian economy $14.81 billion a year. On average, 3.2 days per worker are lost each year due to workplace stress.

Extract: How To Resolve Conflict Without Stress

Video Seminar: Martin Probst

About Martin Probst

Martin ProbstMartin Probst is the founder of PROfound Coaching, and the leadership development expert who is able to maximise human potential to achieve peak performance in a supportive work environment.

He draws on over 25 years’ global experience in various leadership positions with international companies, and works with clients from a wide range of industries. Martin offers a combination of tailored one-on-one sessions, small group workshops and practical in-the-workplace skill development sessions to address the need for professional and leadership development in the workforce. Martin helps his clients achieve ultimate success through building effective human dynamics, as well as strong and healthy work relationships that go beyond the nine-to-five demands of the job.

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Martin Probst Phone: +61 0 421 936 313
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