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Video Seminar: How Aligning Behaviours Supercharges Organisational Growth

By Tony Holmwood
Our environment influences our success or failure. On a personal level, behaviours influence our thoughts, our emotions, which in turn influence our behaviours. Behaviours are how we learn. Being respected, accepted and challenged to grow enables high performing workplaces. Employees who are engaged and influenced by transformative leadership will innovate especially when supported by meaningful strategies that support their community. Leaders who understand behaviour are transforming businesses and changing the way employees interact. Values-based organisations inspired by social purpose help employees to embrace change. With inclusive, respectful organisations, employees appreciate how and why their contributions enhance their organisation’s success.

Extract: How Aligning Behaviours Supercharges Organisational Growth

Video Seminar: Tony Holmwood

About Tony Holmwood

Tony Holmwood  A Commercial Accountant by profession, Tony Holmwood is used to focusing on business performance, business transformation and change projects. He came to understand more about organisational development and HR while working on an HR insourcing start-up tasked with introducing HR processes and development to medium-sized businesses. Diagnosed as a social phobic in his early years, Tony learnt the power of Ei and personal development to overcome his shyness and insecurities. Tony’s unique perspective on behavioural development is in response to his personal challenges and learnings. Tony is an accredited Ei, behavioural, and change practitioner and author of “Best Behaviour”.

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Tony Holmwood  Phone: +61 415 757 285

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