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Video Seminar: Turning Red Tape Into Blue Ribbon

By Bryan Whitefield
Errors in decision making cost time and money. As a minimum, the time and cost of rework or of undoing the decision. Sensibly, organisations seek to influence staff decision making to help maximise outcomes and minimise rework. This is primarily achieved through policies, processes and systems that are designed by enabling divisions of organisations such as finance, HR, risk and compliance. These controls are often seen by the producing divisions of a business as unnecessary red tape. The opportunity for organisations is to better align the producing and the enabling functions so that guidance on decision making helps to accelerate the business. To help the boat go faster, not put on another layer of ugly barnacles that increase organisational drag. Blue ribbon guidance is achieved when staff members have clarity on boundaries and the guidance is fit-for-purpose no matter the role of the end user. The result is faster and smarter decision making.

Extract: Turning Red Tape Into Blue Ribbon

Video Seminar: Bryan Whitefield

About Bryan Whitefield

Bryan Whitefield  Bryan is an author, mentor and facilitator specialising in organisational decision making. His more than twenty years of facilitating executive and board workshops means he knows how to provide essential insights to decision makers and how to influence them. Bryan is the author of DECIDE: How To Manage The Risk In Your Decision Making and more recently Winning Conversations: How To Turn Red Tape Into Blue Ribbon. Winning Conversations teaches leaders from the enabling functions in organisations practical methods to design, deliver and embed processes and systems for faster, smarter organisation-wide decision making.

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Bryan Whitefield  Phone: +61 2 9400 9702

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